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Basically, women endeavor to be appropriate and be dutiful to attract men. Sonata also showcases that women believe that be inning beautiful will earn them a reputation and place in society, and that beauty brings power and success. According to Sonata, beauty is the only form of power that women are encourage deed to seek, In our own time, beauty is administered as a form of sloppiness’s, In the process of growing up, young women may forget how intelligent they are and their aspirations in life A woman’s success in the society s depends on good looks, which are a great advantage in life.

Tacos 2 Sonata Starts her essay With classical Greece explaining how the Greeks practice d their own methods of analyzing and critiquing women and beauty. The Greeks felt that the lack of “inner’ beauty could equalize “outer” beauty. She adds on by describing Socrates’ teachings of life and its paradoxes. After, she comments on how present day Socrates’ id ease have been rejected and separates a woman’s inner qualities and pea range.

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Further, Sonata takes the perspective as a woman without speaking of her personal issues or experiences she elaborates on how others’ Perspex active and opinions on women have greatly impacted them. Sonata analyzes the attractiveness of both women and men. She observes that women are Eva elated through their body parts and men are viewed through one quick glance -?? presenting that women go through an excess of inspection. Sonata challenges a woman’s guidance because Of how fashion and media both have taken outer beauty way too far for women. She is always under p erasure to confess that she still works at being attractive” (Sonata 388). Sonata’s essay is both informational and persuading. She explains using factual observations and experiences that allows the reader to understand the s rugged and unfairness women go through daily, She vividly reveals to the e readers that a woman is more likely to conform with everyone to be socially accepted and feel valued. Women are expected to keep their complexity and attraction the same time .

Sonata may seem a bit biased because she’s being more sympathetic toward des women rather than men. However, women are more pressured to look good on a daily basis. Throughout the essay, Sonata tackles people’s mindsets, their perspectives, and differences of beauty for males and females beauty perspective to show readers hat “feminism” and society itself has caused females to do. Tacos 3 This essay establishes that all in all – beauty has immense power.

Sonata emphasizes on the fact how it is every woman’s duty to make sure she keeps up her appearance, so she Will have the power to attract. Sonata uses many examples of how women make themes elves feel inferior on the outside compared to the inside. Her factual observation s and statements allow the women to mentally experience how it is to feel inferior r to the same sex and putting in all efforts to allure or look beautiful. Women will penned as much as they can on cosmetics and a great amount of time at the gym.

Women simply spend a huge amount of time flourishing themselves to become physically attractive. Sonata illustrates that women should free themselves from the necessity of maintaining or attaining beauty in a commonality like ours. In Sonatas essay, she justifies a problem that is common among very women. Sonata uses factual observations that did not contain any fall ices to exemplify about “feminism” and beauty. Throughout this sees ay, Sonata presents her information in a detailed and concise way. She chooses to examine a woman piece by piece rather than a Whole.

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