Influence of Advertising Assignment

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Tress Kruse Beth Lewis How Advertising Influences Us 1 . Cackle made it a point in his advertising that Kellogg all-bran cereal is high in fiber. With being high in fiber it can reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer. He also used the advertising to inform people on their diet and how it can improve with that particular cereal. An advantage of Kellogg coming out with high fiber cereal would be more brands would come out with other cereals with other nutrients that our bodies could use.

Some other brands have cereals high in calcium which some people think it is just as good as high fiber. A disadvantage would be that all the brands are constantly trying to out do each other, by making their cereals much healthier and needed in consumers diets. 2. The spillover benefits of advertising are when people who have useful information that failed to reach people who need it because producers could not change a price to cover the costs. 3.

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Some of the ways ere marketing competition in advertising benefits consumers is by reducing the cost of the ads. Cackle advertisement is regulated by the FTC who encourage his ads and make it perfectly legal. 4. The tone of this article is that Cackle is proving his advertisement is a huge success. He also proves that throughout the years he has been successful by informing people on what the effects may be from using the products. Cackle has information and facts Of each point he tries to get across in the article.

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