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He wants the reader to think Of not only the dangers to society due to the illiterate, but Of the danger to themselves and their children(38-46). The attempts used in “The Human Cost of Illiterate Society’ are very effective because his pathos appeals very descriptive and are well connected with the reader’s emotions. Kola pathos attempts to touch the readers inner emotions are effective because of the examples he uses on an illiterates persons everyday lifestyle. Negative effects of illiteracy in America are heavy in politics.

The first example e uses is a quote by James Madison, “A People who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both”(39). This was an extremely strong appeal considering if illiterate could vote, which they do rarely, when they do happen to vote, their vote is somehow less because of the simple fact that they cannot read. This puts forth the idea that illiterate voters only vote on based on their looks, not on their actual beliefs and character.

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Next, Kola uses a pathos appeal by presenting to us something that we have all encountered before, the warning label on a seemingly safe can of cleaner (41 He wants the reader to think of not only the dangers to society due to the illiterate, but of the danger to themselves and their children. They cannot read this label therefore they are putting themselves at risk of poisoning, skin damage and blindness. This is a remarkable example for pathos appeal of him using the tactic of provoking an emotional response rather than looking plainly at the facts.

Kola then explains in a pathos appeal how not only is it hard on the one suffering from illiteracy, but also their loved ones (44). Can you imagine having a child and not being able to read them bedtime stories, help them with their homework, or ever congratulate them on the excellent grades they are receiving because you are unable to read? This is an unfair lifestyle, which Kola explains to his readers throughout his effective appeal. He gives an example of one mothers inability to read with her children. She says, “l can’t read to them. Of course that’s leaving them out of something they should eve”(44).

The child says to his mom, “Mommy, you sit down. Ill read it to you”‘(45). This is an extreme set back for the mothers self esteem. He wants the readers to feel the sadness she feels through this pathos appeal. Kolas next tugs on the reader’s emotions by giving an example of an illiterate woman’s car breaking down on the exit ramp of a freeway (45). The authors emotional appeal is very strong in this example. The woman gets to a phone and tries to explain to a cop that her car is broken down, she is lost and is unable to read. At this point the cop says to her, “l can’t send out a car o you if you can’t tell me where you are”(AS).

This frightens the woman involved in the incident just like it frightens the reader. However, he uses another pathos appeal by explaining how not only is getting a job as an illiterate individual difficult but keeping one could be basically impossible. With every job there will be some reading involved. If you cannot read the instructions to perform your job to its fullest potential, most likely you will be fired. This means no income and can resort into be unable to pay your bills. This may cause an eviction notice and an illiterate errors is not able to read this notice when given to them.

Kola gives an example by saying, “A landlord tells a woman that her lease allows him to evict her if her baby cries and cause inconvenience to her neighbors”(45). Considering this woman is illiterate, she will have to call a friend cause self- humiliation. This is a very effective form of pathos appeal by drawing in the reader’s emotions through sympathy towards the victim. In conclusion, his pathos appeals are very effective. He has a great ability of touching the readers emotions and he is good at being descriptive wrought his examples.

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