Dance Critique Assignment

Dance Critique  Assignment Words: 291

Each dance performer’s piece is different. Some tell stories and paint pictures, while other are for entertainment. As I watched the performances of each male and female dancer I analyzed each aspect of the dance. This included music, technique, attire, as well as many other important aspects. One piece that stood out to me was the Contemporary piece performed by G. D. Harris. This dance was performed with African Tribe music. Also the male dancer word e a feathery African inspired bottom. The movements throughout the dance were graceful UT distinct.

I observed this from the very strong emphasis of shoulder movements. The m USIA was pretty fair rhythmic tempo, not too fast or slow. As I watched the excerpt of this dance I realize the movements were to port ay a bird. One reason being the way the male performer walked on stage. Another example is to how the dancer placed his arms. This piece very much reminded me Of a ostrich wand erring an area during African time. In my opinion the choreographers were successful in communicating their into .NET. The dance attire went very well with the music.

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The layout from clothing to music and movement painted a very vivid picture as to what is being told. One big strength to me w loud have to be the distinct incorporation of ostrich movements. My overall critique would have to be a positive response. I would encourage o there to watch this piece. It was boring and stale but still painted the image as intended d. All of the props such as music,clothing, and movements went along well together. Would De finitely watch more performance pieces from this choreographer.

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