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Before deciding to do this assignment, other than the clips we watched in class I had never seen the show before. The episode of Dance Moms I watched was actually very entertaining. The episode I watched was in Season 3. In the episode there was a new girl who Joined the competition dance team her name was Nicaya. Of course, she came along with her mom whose name was Caya. Caya wasn’t at all like the rest of the moms. She didn’t dress anywhere near as proper as the rest of the moms. Shockingly, she was also a lesbian, which really surprised the rest of the moms.

Caya elt like her daughter brought “Divatude” to the dance team, but I doubt the other parents felt the need for anything close to that. In the beginning, Nicaya didn’t know any dance terminology, well at least how to spell them. Abby Miller, the owner of the studio, challenged Nicaya to learn them in the beginning of the episode, because she was impressed with her dancing ability she still wanted her to stick around. The main drama in the episode was whether Nicaya would take Paige’s spot in the group performance. Paige had been in a boot for her foot for 4 weeks and had Just got cleared by her doctor to compete again.

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The hard decision between the two girls created conflict between their moms. Kelly, Paige’s mom, seemed to overreact when Abby decided to practice them both interchanging them in the routine to see who performed the best. Kelly stormed out of the studio and had several outburst of anger throughout the show. Caya didn’t handle herself any better she constantly used foul language directed at the other moms. In the end, Abby decided to let all of them perform which lead to a first place performance. My impression of the moms was that they had to all been crazy. The fact that most of them quit their Jobs to have their kids dance is ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure they don’t have to go to every practice and sit in the upstairs of the studio. I thought that was very weird and obsessive. Individually, I think Holly, Nia’s mom, has her head on the straightest of all the moms. She didn’t really speak too much, but she wasn’t too quiet. Kelly was definitely the most immature of all the moms with the way she couldn’t control her anger. The rest of the moms were Just equally as crazy as the rest of the cast. Those I mentioned Just stuck out the most. I was probably the most impressed with Abby Miller, because she tries her best to et the most she can from her dancers.

I like how she made sure to tell each dancer how important it was that they got the Job done. She reminded of a really tough football coach and in my opinion those are the best coaches, because they motivate you to perform at your highest level. If I had a daughter who had dreams of being a dancer, I would love for Abby Miller to be her coach. I know she would turn my daughter into a great dancer. She teaches discipline and skill. It would also keep my daughter active which would lead to a healthier life. Dance Moms By George-NwokoJi

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