Dance Critique Assignment

Dance Critique  Assignment Words: 293

This piece happened to be a Poe m or spoken word while the performer interacted. Throughout the performance I watched the female dance kick and flopped multiple times to the floor.

The dancer also crawled around t he space provided various of times. The performer also had facial expressions that set the tone f r the theme. The clothing associated seemed as if she was a slave or housemaid during the slay eve era. The mood created was basically to open one’s eyes to lynching. This piece to me is to paint a picture of lynching and to basically persuade pee people that there should be no more.

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I came up with this conclusion because all through UT the piece the female dancer is struggling or suffering because of the lynching. Then once the e piece is just about over she does a move/ gesture with her arms that to me symbolizes no more. The choreographer did an excellent job in showing the suffering of the chart ere in the story. I say this due to the falls to the ground and the way the dancer kicked and laid on the floor.

One strength to me would be the technical parts of the performance. The dancers feet were pointed when needed to be and she also used face expression to tell a story. My overall conclusion of this Contemporary piece ends on a positive note. W loud love to watch more piece performed from Pearl Primps. She had an excellent way of putting props together to fit the theme. I would recommend other people to watch if they w anted to see a piece of someone who is suffering a tragedy.

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