Marketing management Assignment

Marketing management Assignment Words: 343

In order to compete with the Apple iPad, the new product development team has created the ultimate tablet device “panBook”. Our marketing team has produced a thorough plan for the successful launch of panBook In the UK early in 2014. Here are the summarized details of our plan; First of all, we have done a marketing audit on the current UK tablet market. We have analyzed both the Internal and external environmental factors that could influence the market.

A SWOT’ analysis Is then given to further discuss the issues in both macro and micro senses. Secondly, we have set a couple of very achievable marketing objectives, which we have further discussed to make sure both of them meet the ‘SMART’ criteria that have been set before. Followed are our general strategies, where we have included a full description of our target markets and described in details of how the product is going to be positioned in these markets.

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Furthermore, a Marketing Mix report is given which includes a full description of pan800k. I believe it will give you even more confidence about the product once you have read it. We also paid special attention to the promotional element of the mix, which Indicates that we try to communicate the right message to our audience whenever we can. Thirdly, a fully detailed report has been constructed to show you how exactly we are going to Implement our plan.

There will be personnel hanges wlthln the organization and all the dates of our marketing events will be showed in charts to keep you up to dates. Finally, evaluation is given to determine the level of success of the entire plan. As the Marketing Director, on behalf of our marketing team, I would like to thank you for giving your time and thought on our reports. We would like to ensure you that our marketing plan is thoroughly constructed, time and effort have been put in to make sure everything is ready to go.

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