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Marketing Management Course Outline ??? Course Description: This course is designed for you, undergraduates, to improve your understanding of and skills in marketing as a discipline. We use cases, discussions, and readings to provide a mix of integrated concepts and hands-on problem solving approaches. We, at the same time, encourage a variety of perspectives by our attendees on marketing issues. Objective: In this course we seek to: Textbook: Kotler, Philip and Kevin L. Keller (2006), Marketing Management, 12th Edition, Prentice Hall. Teaching Outline: Week 1 Understanding Marketing ??? Course Introduction What is Marketing Case: ??? Video Case: The Change of the News Groups in Guangzhou Readings: ??? Chapter 1 in Marketing Management ??? Note on Marketing Strategy (HBS 9-578-061) Week 2 Marketing philosophies and Customer Value ??? Production Philosophy ??? Product Philosophy ??? Sales Philosophy ??? Marketing Philosophy ??? Creating Customer Value Readings: ??? Chapter 1 and 5 in Marketing Management ??? Marketing Myopia (HBR R0407L, by Theodore Levitt) Week 3 Connecting with Customers ??? Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty ??? Analyzing the Market Case: ??? Bora in China (developed by Yiping Song) Readings: Chapter 5, 6, and 7 in Marketing Management ??? Note on Consumer Behavior Week 4 Dealing with Competition ??? Identifying Competitors ??? Competitive Strategies Case: ??? Cola wars in China: The Future is Here (Ivey 903A06) Readings: ??? Chapter 11 in Marketing Management Week 5 STP Strategies ??? Market Segmentation ??? Market Targeting ??? Market Positioning Case: ??? Tweeter etc. (HBR 9-597-028) Readings: ??? Chapter 10 in Marketing Management ??? Perceptual Mapping: A Manager’s Guide (HBS 9-590-121) Week 6 Differentiation and Branding ??? Differentiation Strategies ??? Brand and Branding

Case Study: ??? Inside Intel Inside (HBS 5-502-083) Readings: ??? Chapter 9 and 10 in Marketing Management ??? Should You Take Your Brand to Where the Action Is? (HBS 97501) Week 7 Marketing Research in China (by guest speaker) Week 8 Presentation of Term Project Design Week 9 Product Strategy ??? What is a product ??? Attributes of a product ??? Developing new product Case: ??? The Birth of the Swatch (HBR 9-403-096) Reading: ??? Chapter 12 in Marketing Management ??? The House of Quality Week 10 Services Strategy ??? What is a service ??? Service-Quality Model Reading: ??? Chapter 13 in Marketing Management A Conceptual Model of Service Quality and Its Implications (Journal of Marketing, Fall 1985, by A. Parasuraman, et al. ) Week 11 Pricing Strategy ??? Price in marketing vs. price in economics ??? Initiating and responding to price change Case: ??? Hartmann Luggage Company: Price Promotion Policy (9-581-068) Reading: ??? Chapter 14 in Marketing Management ??? How Do You Know When the Price Is Right? (HBR 95501, by Robert J. Dolan) Week 12 Distribution Strategy ??? Power and Dependence in Channel ??? Channel Conflict Case: ??? Dell: Direct Marketing in China (developed by Yiping Song) Readings: Chapter 15 in Marketing Management ??? Make your dealers your partners (HBR 96206, by Donald V. Fites) ??? Channel Conflict: when is it dangerous! (The McKinsey Quarterly 1997, No. 3) Week 13 Promotion Strategy ??? Promotion Mixs ??? Advertising ??? Sales Promotions Case: ??? BMW Films (9-502-046) Readings: ??? Chapter 18 in Marketing Management Week 14 IMC Strategy ??? From Promotion to IMC ??? Designing and Managing IMC Case: ??? Super Girl (developed by Yiping Song) Readings: ??? Chapter 17 in Marketing Management ??? Integrated Marketing Communications (HBS 9-599-087) Week 15 Presentation of Term Project Week 16 Wrap up & Summary

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