How to write an assignment in school

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How to do an assignment for school: practical tips

Home assignment is what students are asked daily in school. Homework plays a huge role in the development of independent schoolchildren’s learning abilities. Systemic work of the students at home leads to the fact that the process of learning does not burden them, they learn to perform work in a high-quality and on time.

If a child is sick for a long time and misses a lot of classes, or does not learn some fairly complicated, doing homework aligns the knowledge and skills of the student. Also, it helps to stimulate the cognitive interest of students, the desire to know as much as possible about the subject or topic. In this case, differentiated homework plays a colossal, positive role. And of course, homework assignments are responsible for the development of the student’s independence, his or her perseverance, and responsibility for the performed study assignment in school.

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  • The most optimal tool for teaching management skills is the “time management” technique, which should be understood not just as a set of planning techniques, but as an integrated management system for personal activities, i.e., self-management.
  • The next tool is to get rid of distractions and set aside electronic devices. Turn off the phone, laptop (if, of course, you do not need it for work), TV and close the door. Tell your family and friends not to be disturbed when you do a school assignment. The less you get distracted, the faster you learn the lessons.
  • FULLY LOOSE WHAT YOU DO. The main thing about doing your homework is to start. Then you will not notice how you read ten pages already, found an interesting article, outlined important thoughts and remembered new terms.
  • Keep your school supplies in order. Not to waste time in searching for the things you need, keep your books, papers, writing sets and other materials in an accessible place. To stay organized, every week or every month, put things in order in the folders and backpack.
  • Make a homework plan for the evening. Try to get in the habit to plan everything in advance and besides in written form.

There are several ways that can help you plan your homework:

  1. Analyze how much work needs to be done and how much time you want to spend on your assignments in general;
  2. Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete;
  3. Arrange the tasks in terms of relevance and deadlines. Put the letter A near the priority tasks, B for tasks that are just as important, but can wait, and C for tasks that do not require much attention. This will help you understand what to focus on;
  4. Also, first of all, perform more extensive tasks, and then grab for small ones. If it is difficult to perform a large task immediately, try to break it into several pieces;
  5. Determine how much time you will have for each task to finish the job at the desired time;
  6. Move strictly along the list, deleting tasks as they are performed;
  • Do not forget to take breaks. You will not get the job done faster if you sit over it for hours without rest. Approximately every hour take a break for 10 minutes to walk a little, warm up and give the brain and body the opportunity to rest a little

An easy way to write an assignment for school

As for the technical side of the assignment to the school, the first thing you need to do is to delve into the topic, as it can help with the structure and gives you an idea of the next steps of your task. You can do it with the help of the marking list.

All tasks have their own structure. Well-designed essay etc. should consist of three main parts:

  • Introduction

Introduces the reader to the topic of the essay and leads to the disclosure of the main aspects of the work. You can describe the title of the topic of the essay, reveal the essence of the title, ask a question, the answer to which will be disclosed in the substantive part and summarized in conclusion.

  • Main body

The most important, the main part of the work, it reveals the theme, clarifies the essence of the work. The content should disclose each of the arguments using examples. Information should be clearly divided logically. Make sure that the main part logically leads to the conclusion.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, the results of all the work are summed up; conclusions are drawn from the disclosed theme of the work; The final part of the work should not be large, but thorough. In the final paragraph, you can smooth out all the shortcomings in work on the essay, if it is clear, if possible, short and confidently complete the essay, fully answering all the questions posed. According to many teachers, the conclusion is the most important part of the essay. In it, you demonstrate that you have good knowledge of the material and thoughtfully approached the problem.

Make a draft

Write down all the thoughts that come to your mind, everything you can write down later can be edited, and the chance that you are missing something out of sight will be reduced to almost zero. Often, starting with a conclusion will help you understand which direction to take when writing the main part of the work.


After your sketch is ready, carefully read through the written, make sure that all your ideas are clear and logical, and edit the task in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

After that, rest, and read it again. Since rest can allow you to see things that were not seen from the beginning.

As you can see, if you approach the home assignments organized, you can not only have time to do everything but still have time to meet with friends. Now you know how to write a school assignment.