Assignment help – how to write a winning assignment

Assignment help – how to write a winning assignment Words: 321

Video’s description: Assignment Help – How To Write A Winning Assignment

Today I am going to show you “how to write an a great assignment”. Before we begin let me ask you a simple question:

What is an assignment? – An assignment is a piece of work the tutor assigns to you.

The purpose of an assignment is to enhance your knowledge of the subject. Now we will see the three major types of assignments: essays, reports and dissertations.

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Essays are usually assigned at school level . Reports find their way into MBA classes and dissertations are undertaken by doctoral level students.

So what is an essay. As a kid you wrote essays about your favorite animal, book or food. You must have gathered by now that an essay is a simplest form of writing. So you are already an expert at essay writing.

Essays follow a simple structure. When you sit down to write an essay first introduce the topic, expand on it and lastly, present your inferences and reflections.

Pick up any newspaper and read a report. What strikes you first. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the impersonal tone and crispness that characterize a report . A report is more rigidly structured.

Never include your personal impressions in a report

Include many facts and statistics in your report, take the role of a robot and merely give a systematic factual account of the topic, provide a logical conclusion. If you are at university, you will know how important your dissertation is – it counts for a huge part of your degree, so you better get this right. Dissertations have specific and serious formats you cannot write a dissertation without a thorough knowledge of the subject. Spend plenty of quality time on it.