How to write an assignment in history

How to write an assignment in history Words: 1204

Writing an assignment very often causes students a lot of problems and can be quite complicated. They do not know where to start, what topic to choose or what structure to use. They question themselves how to do a good history assignment. But if to know some good advice on how to do an assignment in history you will have no problems. But you can always use our online assignment writing help.

Features of the essay on the history

Writing an assignment on history contributes to the development of a student’s personality, teaches them how to develop their own opinions, evaluative judgments about a particular historical event, and formulate value priorities.

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The essay on history verifies not only the knowledge of the author of historical events but also the ability to systematize information, present results in a free-form and understand the historical significance of events and phenomena.

How to write a good history assignment

A good historical essay is evaluated according to certain criteria, from which it is possible to single out several rules for writing an essay.

A good assignment should contain the following elements:

  • more than two historical events or phenomena;
  • two historical persons and their significance in a certain period;
  • cause and effect relationship between historical phenomena in a certain period;
  • an assessment of the significance of the historical period;
  • correct use of concepts and terms on the subject.

What the essay on history consists of and how to do higher history assignment

The first stage in writing a historical work is the choice of a period in history and the definition of its features. At the beginning of the essay, you should indicate what characterizes this period, its specifics, and then select relevant facts.

– Historical facts

Facts in history are divided into historical and scientific-historical. The first are those that really took place in history, which have an objective and localized in time and space. Scientific and historical facts usually reflect the opinions of scientists, their conclusions about historical events, based on historical sources.

When selecting facts, it is necessary not only to list the events that took place in the described period but to highlight the main, most significant events that fully correspond to and reflect the specifics of the period.

– Evaluation knowledge

The key to how to write higher history assignment also includes that further, you require to reflect the estimated knowledge of the subject, which are manifested in the knowledge of various scientific points of view, versions of the description of historical events and phenomena. The estimation takes into account the depth of the disclosure of the question and the reasoning of the judgments.

– Characteristics of the historical personality

One of the criteria of evaluation is the description of the historical personality. However, to obtain a high score, it is not enough to describe the person’s activity, even very detailed and precise. In the assignment it is required to describe the role of these historical persons in a particular period, relying on historical facts. The fulfillment of this particular requirement makes it possible to evaluate the assignment by this criterion to a higher score.

– Causal relationships

Another point on how to write a history assignment well is the ability to identify cause-effect relationships. All historical events or phenomena give rise to other events and phenomena, and they themselves, at the same time, were born of certain events and phenomena. The student should be able to analyze the facts, establish the causes and consequences draw the appropriate conclusions, which is really quite a complicated mental work.

In this case, an important role is played by the available knowledge of all the facts relating to the described period, their chronological sequence. It is necessary to build a logical scheme or a chain of events, sequentially connected with each other. Most often, the event provokes several reasons. In this case, it is necessary to be able to distinguish the most significant events. That is how to write an assignment in history and get a high score.

Typical errors!

  1. Incorrect allocation of primary causes and the least important ones.
  2. Substitution of the disclosure of the cause by the description of the fact.
  3. The description of the facts without comprehending the cause-effect relationships.
  4. Algorithm for writing an essay on the history

How to do a history assignment

The sequence of what student should do in an essay on the history, which will help to issue a quality work, without missing important points.

  • Step 1. Select the period.
  • Step 2. Confirm the correctness of choice.
  • Step 3. Choose the name of the period, reflecting its specificity.
  • Step 4. Determine the events related to this period; the identity which is the most important and which are secondary.
  • Step 5. Recall historical personalities, whose activities belong to this period, their role and influence on the historical course of events.
  • Step 6. Identify the causes of events occurring in this period.
  • Step 7. Select the appropriate historical concepts and terms.
  • Step 8. Determine the historical facts that reveal the significance of the period, using, at the same time, the opinions of scientists.
  • Step 9. Organize and systematize the whole information you have.
  • Step 10. Draw up a plan and write an essay in accordance with it.
    The plan may consist of:
    1. Introduction (brief description of the essence of the selected period).
    2. Main part.
    3. Conclusion (evaluation of the significance of the period).

    Why do we need a writing plan? Special preparation requires writing essays on selected topics. To do this, it will be useful to make a plan for presenting your own thoughts in order to realize your creative intent and not miss important details. It is recommended to use in the course of writing historical terms and concepts that characterize a specific period. Many people consider writing a plan a waste of time; however, this is not true! A well-written plan of the essay will allow you to connect your thoughts, logically and describe them clearly.

  • Step 11. Check and modify the assignment.

How to write an essay on the history correctly

To sum up, here are some key recommendations:

  • choose a historical period that you know best;
  • before writing, make a plan, this will help to follow a clear logic of presentation;
  • structure work, break into semantic paragraphs;
  • write clearly, distinctly and in a few words: more facts, less information that is irrelevant;
  • use only those terms in the meaning of which you do not doubt.

Remember that the main thing in writing a good assignment is a regular practice. When preparing for the essay, you should write a minimum of 10 essays about different historical periods in order to master your skills.