How to write an assignment in the first person guidelines

How to write an assignment in the first person guidelines Words: 923

What is an assignment in the first person?

Before you start writing the assignment, you should completely understand what it is and what they want you to. Writing in the first person means an expression of the idea from the author’s point of you. It requires usage of such structures as «I think that…», «it seems to me that …», «I agree that…» and so on. So if your task is to research some topic and give your opinion and ideas about it, it is the best decision to write an assignment in the first person. As a rule, students are asked to write assignments in the third person. It is called an academic assignment where you are supposed to demonstrate how much you have learned. But there is also another part of assignments where you are expected to express your own opinions, views, and suggestions concerning the topic of writing. It is called self-reflected.

Needless to say, all of us are used to expressing our thoughts in the first person in everyday life. But is writing an assignment in such a way so easy task? Of course, no. It is a very complicated task.

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Here are some tips which may help you.

A first or third person?

The first thing you need to do while preparing to an assignment is to find out in what person you are supposed to write. It can help you to reduce the amount of time you spend doing it and understand the general idea of paper

The topic of your assignment

It is very important to be really interested in what you are writing about. Of course, the list of possible topics is usually given by the teacher, but if you have an opportunity to choose it, make sure that it would not be kind of routine for you. It will make the process of work more interesting and fascinating.

Create a plan

Now, when you know the topic of your assignment, you need to sit down and think carefully about it. What ideas do you want to convey? What is the purpose of it? What does your teacher expect from you? When you have answered all these questions, take a piece of paper and write down the main points of your assignments. Make a plan what you will write about. If you realize in what way it should be organized, it will take you less time to complete the assignment.

Seeking for information

Scientific progress has made the life of a student easier. Nowadays, there is no need to be sitting in the library for hours rereading dozens of book and trying to find useful information. You can switch on your device and ask the Internet for help. You can find any sort of information using it. However, don’t forget about some traditional sources of information. For example, some scientific books and magazines can serve as additional sources of information. While seeking information for writing an assignment, pay close attention to the reliability of sources. You also must be sure that all information you use is up-to-date, especially if we are talking about some tables and statistic data.


At this point of writing, you already have the main outlines. So all you need to do is to think about arguments and evidence you will use. It helps you to reduce the amount of time you will spend working on the next stages of writing.


The next step in our instruction «how to write an assignment in the first person» is the process of writing itself.  Perhaps it is the most important stage of doing an assignment. It requires the student the maximal level of concentration and attentiveness. While doing it, you should remember that any assignment consists of three parts.

They are:

  1. Introduction
  2. The main body
  3. Conclusion

In the first part of writing, you are supposed to report the topic and describe the main issues.

In the main body, you should give some examples, evidence and so on. You have to do everything possible to convince the reader that your point of view is the correct one.

The conclusion is a kind of generalizing and summering of everything you have already said in the previous parts.

Following the structure is a key to getting a high grade, but in addition, you must not forget about the fact that you are writing an assignment in the first person. So try to minimize the usage of phrases and words which are used in the third person, for example, they, he, she, it, his, her, etc. Concentrate on using such pronouns as I and me. You also need to add some phrases which indicate your attitude to the problem


Last but not least, if you really want to get a high mark for completing this task, don’t hesitate to reread your assignment. Having done it, you may find spelling and grammar mistakes or some misprints. You also should pay attention to the structure of assignment and check if it is all right. You also must be sure that you have proved your point of view. Asking friends or relatives to read your assignment also might be a good idea – they may find some mistakes you haven’t noticed.

If you follow all the tips and work hard, be sure that you will be completely satisfied with your results.