The Three Different Types of Hatred and Discrimination Assignment

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Shakespeare gives us the example of that in his book of Romeo and Juliet. In this book, there are two families who hate each other due to past conflicts. The Montague and the Caplet family. In this book, the son of the Montague falls in love with the daughter of the Capsules. A love so deep that they get married In privacy. Because them getting married biblically, would cause their parents to greatly punish them. One night, Juliet tells Romeo “Deny thy father and refuse thy name; or If thou will not, be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Caplet. (Shakespeare 34-36. Her father wants her to get married to a man who she does not want to marry. The day of her marriage, she fakes her death. Romeo believing she is dead kills himself out of grief of losing her. All this hardship because the parents hate each other’s names and cannot bear their kids being together. This is Just one example of misjudging one by the name. In this case judging one by his name has resulted in death. Osama is another example. This name is stereotyped because Osama Bin Laden the most wanted man in the world carries it. It does not signify a lion jumping on its prey. And et that is how It Is seen In today’s society around the world.

And so if a boy or a man were to carry this name, he would have much difficulty In getting a Job. Just for carrying that name. Therefore Judging one by his name affects everyone In one way or another. In Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird, the author puts in evidence the amount of racism that was present in the southern Alabama state of America; back in the sass. In this book, the most part of the white community of Macomb mistreats the black community by firstly by calling them Negroes and secondly by accusing one of them falsely. In this case, the accused is Tom Robinson.

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A black man accused of violently abusing and raping a white woman. Although his lawyer Tactics Finch defends him with strong evidence, the jury goes against him by Judging him guilty. The white society did not stand up for him, but Just let It pass. They forgot all about this case within two days. After his death due to a failed escape from Enfield Prison Farm, a member of the white community Judges him as “Typical of a Niger to cut and run. Typical of Ruggeri’s mentality to have no plan, no thought for the future. Just run blind the first chance he saw. (Lee page 24) Lee just shows us one example of racism.

Still today In southern part AT ten USA tanner are groups AT ten ASK won are still advocating white supremacy. This causes many deaths of non-white people. The Arab race is another example. Arabs are now stereotyped as terrorist ever since the 911 incident. If one person of any race is wrong, it does not mean that all the people of that race are wrong as well. One should not be Judged by his race but by his character. Racism causes many problems to individuals that are part of a stereotyped race or people that are simply discriminated due to their skin color. Therefore racism must take a stop.

Often, people with physical disabilities or differences are misjudged or underestimated by those who have none. Either if they have an extra toes, half a finger or are shorter than average. That can cause not getting hired at a Job. Gender can also be a problem. For instance if a girl would want to work in construction, she would be made fun of and greatly under estimated because she might not have the physical strength for the work or the roughness of a man. In today’s society in North America, gender has become a minor problem. Men get to work in fashion and girl tortes, Just as women can work at a garage or as police officers.

However physical disabilities are still discriminated. In John Handsaw’s book The Chrysalis, he talks about a girl named Sophie who is believed to be a blasphemy or deviation of some kind because she has six toes. The inspector in the story warns David (the main character) not to be friends with Sophie because she is made by the devil. She has no soul. David is forced to report her to the authorities so they can send her to Finch’s land. Muff know, David concealment of a Blasphemy – not reporting a human aviation – is a very very serious thing. People go to prison for it.

It is everybody’s duty to report any kind of offence to me – even they aren’t sure – so that I can decide. It’s always important, and very important indeed is it is a Blasphemy. And in this case there doesn’t seem to be any doubt about it – unless young Ervin was mistaken. Now he says she has six toes. Is that true? ” (Yamaha page 51) Those who are physically disabled could be very qualified for something. For instance many people who see a physically disabled person would most likely Judge him as mentally ill. And that is a problem in our society.

Employers could miss the chance of having a top quality employee such as a sales manager Just because he is in a wheelchair. The fact of discriminating on physically disabled people can cause us to lose chances of meeting very valuable people. They should not be underestimated and should be considered. Therefore ignoring them can affect many people. The various aspects of misjudging, discriminating or underestimating one by his name, race or physical ability can truly affect everyone in various ways. One must learn to accept others the way they are.

And if one would Judges someone else, he should Judge him by his character and not by his appearance. This goes for the same with the famous expression “Don’t Judge a book by its cover. ” Shakespeare, Harper Lee and Yamaha have each covered one of these aspects and put it in a scenario. The examples are set and so are the lessons. Now all one can do is read and learn. Bibliography I en occasionally. London: a Penguin KICK, BIBB, pup SSH William. Romeo and Juliet. Toronto: Harcourt Shakespeare series, 1999, IPPP LEE, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. New York: Warner Books Edition, 1982, IPPP

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