Human Resource Management (Hrm) Assignment

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What has been my learning from course of Human Resource Management (HARM)? “Employees are the greatest asset of the organization and managing them effectively is the most difficult task for a manager”. So identifying the various ways HER professionals can support organization strategies for quality, growth and efficiency is of utmost importance. It is not just the duty of the HER people but also the responsibility of the managers at all levels to know about these practices. Human Resource Management, a course which has been taught during the third semester of the curriculum paves the right way to learn all hose HER practices and methodologies.

The key take-ways and learning from the course are as follows: 1 The various ways in which HARM can support organization expanding internally. When a manager should plan for proper training and mentoring program so that the knowledge by the older professionals is not lost and is passed on to young professionals. 2. Being a HER manager or Manager, one should be aware of the trends in the composition of external labor market which in turn affects the internal labor force and its quality skills and motivation. . Essence of teamwork and how it can increase the employee motivation and in turn make work more interesting and significant. 4. How a high performance work system can be created which in turn will result in channeling the talent and potential of the skilled employees to meet the customer demands, requiring high quality and customized products. 5. Need for a management style that focuses on developing and empowering employees in order to derive maximum benefit from the employees’ knowledge. 6.

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The benefits of the newly coined term ‘ERM’ and how a manager can incubate such in the existing process of the organization to improve the processes further(inclusion of online feedback and e-surveys etc) 7. The need for cross training of the workers so as to formulate an effective team. 8. Knowledge of Job Analysis, which is building block of all HARM functions, in an effort to form the most efficient and effective team. 9. Through knowledge of the Human resource planning and the recruitment process.

When the team need to be expanded by analyzing the various vacant positions and dearth of that specific skill set. After this how to go forward with the selection and the final placement process. 10. What should be the right mode of rewarding employees and which compensation system to adopt? 11. When should the manager pave the path for the raining and further promotion of his team members? 12. How to evaluate the subordinates reporting directly or indirectly to him by knowing the various grading/rating systems and also knowing the pros and cons of each of them. 3. In case of a global organization how to deal with the expatriates and their establishment in a foreign deputed land and then help them in adjusting them to their native land when they return back. How do you propose to use this learning in my professional career? HARM as a course has helped me a lot in gaining the requisite knowledge when will keep myself in the shoes of a manager. Loud try to implement all the knowledge which I have gained from HARM and other previously learned HER courses like Organizational Behavior at individual and at organizational level.

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