Hunger and Poverty Assignment

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Hunger and poverty are two major problems in America. Although poverty in America may not be advertised as much as other countries, it still exists. Some people may witness it firsthand and others may only hear about it, but no matter what it still occurs on a daily basis effecting many lives. Views on these issues vary depending on the individual. Some see it as being the person who is actually going through these obstacles own fault while others see it as being America’s problem as a whole. My opinion on this topic is kind of flip flop.

In a way I see it as America’s problem as a hole because instead of people helping the poor instead they look down on them on as if they do not belong. Then, you also have to think about the children. How can a child be responsible for being homeless? What about the people who grew up being poor? If that is the only thing they know of then how would they know how to live any other way? When you think about these issues those are things to always keep in mind. I really was not fully aware of these issues in America. Where I am from I grew up seeing poor people on a daily basis .

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Honestly my family and I even ad hard times, but I was never really aware of the fact that there were many people suffering from hunger and homelessness right here in America. It was not until I visited Atlanta that I actually saw homeless people. Actually seeing those people in such a situation was totally an eye opener. It really changed my outlook on life, especially after seeing women sleeping on the streets. I even noticed some of them watching trash cans to see if people were throwing away food. Fortunately, I did not notice many children who were homeless in that area.

Another place I actually visited this year was Denver, Colorado. It was a lot worse there. There are some situations where the fault actually falls on the individual. For example, some people choose not to work because of laziness. Some people choose not work because they actually are comfortable with depending on the government and that is why many hardworking Americans feel as though they are better. Whether it is the individual’s fault or not, until America changes, these issues will remain. Hunger and Poverty By Causeway’s

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