Why are looks the last bastion of discrimination Assignment

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Rhode has written several books based on race and gender. She wrote one essay titled “Why Are Looks the Last Bastion of Discrimination”. In this essay Rhode states that workers have been discriminated based on their attractiveness, also Individuals seeking employment have also been declined a Job or have been given a Job based of their looks. In the essay Rhode argues that there should be a law established In the united States that Is against looks discrimination.

According to Rhode, the united States has made many laws in the past years to protect groups of people that are being discriminated based on sex, religion, race, or dillydally, yet there Is no official law protecting employees that are being adulterated on their looks. Since there Is no law that protects a person from this kind of delimitation, It Is allowing corporations to discriminate an employment seeker, or a current employee based on his or her appearance.

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Rhode claims that companies discriminate people on their looks. Cause attractiveness is “job-related” and they want a person with an attractive appearance to represent their company. Deborah L. Rhode states that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and the fact that a boss has the power to say who is “attractive” or “unattractive” really gives employees a disadvantage in their job. This limits the person to show how good they can turn out to be in a certain job.

Rhode insists that discrimination based on looks is Just as bad as racial or gender coordination, and there should be an official law that will protect employees being discriminated by their appearance. To wrap up, discrimination based on appearance has been going on for a long time now, and Rhode suggests that a law should be passed to protect this group of people. Rhode explains that a law has not been passed yet, because it is difficult to prove that this kind of discrimination is taking place in a company.

Even though an employee can tell that they are being criminate because they are “fat” or “ugly’, the company being accused can easily find another excuse for not hiring the person. Either way it’s a loss for the victim being discriminated. Rhode also notes that few people will want to claim the status of being “unattractive” and the cost of filing a lawsuit and trying to prove the discriminator guilty, is expensive so most people never even give it a shot. Either way Rhode insists that the united States should make an official law against looks discrimination.

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