Restaurant Co Human Resource Management Assignment

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Well, individual style of branch manager and informal culture developed at each establishment IS likely lead management towards an informal and open management style. Strengths and weaknesses of managing human resources Restaurant co. Focused on motivating and energize staff by letting key staff members to help HRS and senior management communicate detailed plans and key initiatives.

Employees have the sense of belongingness in company which achieves the mission of letting branch manager to treat the restaurant as if it were their own business. Besides that, a number of management development programs were launched to develop leadership skills and to rain managers from branch to operational roles which aid managers have better understandings on how organizational operating and unite branch manager and senior management work even more outstanding as one.

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Although branch manager had large amount of discretion on how they implemented HRS practices but large part of the role is doing supervisory and these supervisory did not vary significantly from those assistant manager. Employees still choose to report to branch manager directly. Therefore, HRS department should clarify what is the branch manager role and assistant anger role clearly as branch manager have to take part in a number of HRS functions whereas assistant manager should deal more with immediate problems and small issues within his/her capability.

On the other hand, as restaurant support is working as office based hour which is 9-5 while restaurant operates long working hour which caused restaurant manager couldn’t manage to get support or contact for information when branch is busy. For this issue, would recommend that senior management could divide into a two or three shift. Well, this don’t require the whole company irking for 24/7, it’s just the a few department who can deal with general problem.

Last but not least, senior management took company-wide operational decision such as the menus, supplier and service control which led an unpleasant as managers spoke of taking responsible to run restaurant but yet not being trusted to make certain decision. I think branch managers are in better position to do that as every branches have different situation and needs, branch managers has better knowledge on their crowds and what customer need so they can make better decision to prevent excess or heritage of stock ordered which eventually cut down cost and make profits.

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