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India is the second highly populated countries after China and this has led to rush and competition in each and every field. Many private institutions and corporate institutions are coming out with high fee structure and world class facilities. Only rich and upper middle class people can afford these institutions and this is not reaching out the poor people. This is also one of the reasons for unemployment. It is being UN-noticed that most of the students who doesn’t even know the subject properly are doing higher education Just because it for free. And many of them at the end of their graduation are becoming Jobless.

Unemployment Rate in Egypt increased to 13 from 12. 50 percent. It includes only workers, regardless of people working in the economy, covering a range of street food processors and the people who play the most unusual trades get daily livelihood. Currently there are about 3 million people unemployed in Egypt, defined as people who have lost their Jobs in the two years since the massive popular demonstrations. Unemployment rates for young people (from 1 5 to 29 years old) hit a whopping 77. 5 per cent in the second quarter of 2012, 41. 4 per cent for those between 20 and 24 years old and 25. 3 per cent for those between 25 and 29 years old.

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Spain shed 363,000 Jobs in the last quarter of 2012. Investors are more confident in Spain’s economy now, but that hasn’t meant much for those out of work. Young people have been especially affected, with 100,000 fewer people age 20-24 employed, according to statistics. The nation has lost 850,000 Jobs over the last year. The Spanish government has started developing strategies to entice people to buy up those surplus homes. There are an estimated 700,000 vacant homes in Spain. How Is Unemployment Linked With Poverty By jackass NATIONAL PERSPECTIVES. The rate of unemployment among Emirates in the AAU reached almost 13 percent.

The report showed particularly high levels of unemployment among women and youth, despite dominating the I-JAW public sector Jobs. The report defines “unemployment” as more than 15 years and not currently working or seeking work. Overall unemployment rate in the northern emirates stood at 16. 6 percent, a figure slightly lower in the I-JAW in the Emirates South of 1 1. 6 percent. Emirates for between 15 and 24, unemployment was estimated at 23. 1 per cent significantly higher. Despite what is seen as the high level of national employment in the public sector, the report said that the federal government should use more.

PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES. Thank God, No one in my family has been unemployed. This might be because we don’t really waste money on buying properties or many stocks as it is not sensible to do such a thing. My dad works in tertiary sector and that is the sector in which unemployment is feared to happen the most.. We should be grateful that our life is not affected by unemployment. However, we should be careful in future as the world changes in seconds and we may not have time to react to that (recession). CASE ANALYSIS.

I personally think that what causes unemployment are these 3 main factors:- Recession or Depression Unemployment rates can rise sharply during a recession or depression. During the most recent recession unemployment rose because many companies believed the recession would be long and severe, so employees were let go in large numbers. With more people out of work, fewer people were making as many purchases as before, so less money was being spent or put into the economy, which means businesses were not generating as much revenue, resulting the need to cut costs and remove workers.

No Education or illiteracy. This is a simple and best logic. If a person is educated there is only a minor chance for him to be unemployed. But in many poor countries people have to suffer being unemployed. That is why people in many countries have started projects to stop this poverty. No education means unemployment and unemployment means poverty. This is a cycle that the poor people go through. Economic Inflation. Inflation is one of the oldest causes of unemployment. The economy faces a steep rise in prices as compared to other economies of the world.

This leads to failure in exports as companies are not able to compete with others due to rise in price. Incomes suffer, people’s savings fall and gradually companies start firing people, being unable to pay them on due time. Thus, the rate of unemployment increases. Future Scenarios It is obvious that if unemployment continues to increase in future, Poverty would rapidly increase and this would not be a good situation for the LEAD’S as People would die of Hunger. This can be a bad state for the future generation as they would have nothing to live for.

Desperate people will resort to crime to have the basic necessities of life. Depression and illness could be brought on by trauma. The list can go on, This is why People now have to understand and get their kids educated so that they can have a good future. However, if the change happens there would be a great espouse and there would not be any Illiterate person for that to happen people should act to it as soon as possible before it is too late. Education plays a crucial role in our life as without that we are nothing.

The basic aim of Education is to help each individual to work or progress towards the attainment of their full potential, both as a person and as a member of the society. Courses of Action: Education should be made Compulsory Everywhere so that each child has an opportunity in future life as it would benefit them only. Unemployment rates have several effects on Job seekers. In times of high unemployment, competition for Jobs ill always be more fierce than normal. Those currently employed may want to reconsider searching out a new Job or making any demands that might put their current position in danger.

However, Unemployment is also reckoned to increase to a higher percentage by 2015. The cycle goes on like this. – No Education- Unemployment- Poverty- Hunger- Death. In economics, unemployment refers to the condition and extent of Joblessness within an economy, and is measured in terms of the unemployment rate, which is the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labor force. Hence, unemployment is the condition of not having a Job, often referred to as being “out of work”, or unemployed.

One reason why the unemployment rates in those countries are low is because they’re starting to get a lot of investment that used to go to China and would have gone to China which makes a huge difference. Personal Response and Conclusion: What I really have understood from the Unemployment thing is that we cannot achieve anything easily. We have to work hard to achieve the set goals. God has given us powers to defend our needs but we are not doing right. If I have a chance, I would really like to open an Organization when I grow up which would have all the attesting needs for the poor people.

This would make the world understand that they have to wake up from their dreams and start contributing to the needs of these people. People in several countries don’t even have water to drink. They have so many diseases which is so ridiculously easy to catch by not eating or drinking. That is why it is said that people die every second. I also want people to use resources carefully and in bits.. According to International Labor Organization report, more than 197 million people globally are out of work or 6% of world’s workforce was thou a Job in 2012.

This shows that if nothing is done it could move to 8% or then 10%? The world should be happy and No sadness should be there in any house about Job tensions. More than 100,000 people suicide due to work tensions and Just don’t care about the family they leave behind. When people are educated only they can act smartly and make a change and make the world a better place to live in. Too much of population too has an impact on the change of employment. There are so many people in the world that these firms can’t take more load of these people and re forced to send of some of these workers back to their homes.

I personally recommend people to be aware of these things and too start contributing to the needy people as they are even human beings. Some people even take pills for stress and this is due to the reason of unemployment. I am doing as much as I can to reduce unemployment. Rest is up to the people who can make a difference.

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