Human Resource Management Case Study Situation Assignment

Human Resource Management Case Study Situation Assignment Words: 268

There have been several complaints on company surveys about him from his department and from outside his department.

People have commented on the fact that Jack is “rude” during meetings and doesn’t let others contribute. There are times when he has belittled people in meetings and in the hallway. He also talks about his staff “critically’ or “negatively” to other manage But Jack also is a brilliantly talented person who adds a vast amount of needed knowledge and experience to the company. He is extremely dedicated to the company and lets people know this by his arrival each day at :30 a. . And his departure at 6:00 p. M. He has been with the company for 32 years and he reports directly to the president. Jack has gone to the HRS department and complained that the people his supervisors hire are not a good fit for the company. The new employees don’t listen and they ha eve a poor work ethic. Jack feels that HRS should do a better job screening people. What suggestions do you have for the president on how to coach Jack and develop a personal improvement plan?

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What areas would you suggest be first on Jacks improvement plan ? What kind of timetable would you put in place? How about milestones and consequences? How should Jack be coached and by whom? Is it worth the effort, since he might be retiring soon? After introductions, the president will ask you for your “How to Coca chi Jack” plan. Each member of the team (individual) should contribute to the plan details.

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