The Role of the Media in Academic Performance Assignment

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Hisani Art romotions performed community theatre to deliver specific messages (e. g. on early pregnancy, school fund mismanagement etc) through drama performance in order to stimulate and guide debates. ATI pilot results were documented and shared at various local and national forums. Sub district ICs were set up in two Teacher Resource Centers to function as satellite ICs to enhance sustainability of ATI activities in the district. Impact of the media in performance improvement in schools According to http://www. nowledgenets. net, Radio has always been considered the cheapest and main communication tool across various ommunities, but access to these tools was very limited to the rural communities. Global Network, an NGO operating in Nakaseke District in its survey found that Radio, was a common tool and well known to the people but community radio broadcasting was a new initiative the community had never heard of, that is; local people had never thought of getting involved in making and presenting programmes themselves.

Since the establishment in 2003, Nakaseke community radio has served as a knowledge portal for the poor underserved commu nities, broadcasting programmes ranging from agriculture, health, education, community development, gender issues, ntertainment and many others. Education, as one the station’s main programme focus, and considering the low literacy levels and poor performances in the district, Nakaseke Community radio together with primary teachers from government and private schools started a special programme (The Radio Quiz Competition) aiming at uplifting the standards of the pupils for better performance.

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The programme targets schools from Nakaseke district, which has a total of 95 primary schools (both government and private), and 13,401 pupils, with a 1:75 teacher – pupil ratio. These schools are scattered in different localities, making transport to the station ifficult, hence limiting their participation, but the radio bridges the digital gap by reaching out to the rest of the pupils.

Since establishment of the radio Quiz competitions in 2006, according to an evaluation that was carried out by the District Education authorities and the District Teachers’ Association (DTA), the competition has helped in; Promoting confidence among the learners, uplifting the academic standards in Nakaseke district and Uganda at large, Enabling teachers from government and private schools to share views and ideas related to performance uplifting.

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