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While these numbers seem staggering for the rent industry to find reason to keep landlines phones afloat, along with Verizon Company has expressed they are not ready to discharge the phone line segment of their operations. While they each are aware of the current trends, both companies express it is too soon to discontinue the landlines phone business. In today’s business world, landlines are becoming obsolete. The methods we will use to Increase adoption rates are building customer awareness. Promotional offers with our existing customers.

Our market segment aiming at the aging population, our senior citizens, we will also apply a special rate. We can offer trial account set up hat would give. “Fully 47 percent of the public say that it’s younger, smarter and more nimble cousin the cell phones is a necessity of life. Today, 84 percent of adults use cell phones compared with 74 percent of households with a landlines, down from 97 percent In 2001 “(nephews). Viii (Voice over Internet Protocol) Is the most widely used landlines. It makes digital data from audio voice through Internet connection.

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AT;T states that landlines telephones are still a valued part of their business. In order to stay current, they are placing emphasis on their broadband and IP based services, such as video. On the other end, Verizon Company has heavily promoted the sale of their service in “bundles,” including internet and television service. They stress the dependability of the copper wire versus cell service. “Verizon has also proposed a $9. 99 a month service for households who want to keep the landlines phone for 911 services and for incoming calls (Verizon)”. In 2000 wireless has continued to boom, up from 109. 5 million subscribers in December 2000 to 233 million in December 2006, but the number of land lines has fallen somewhere between 4 and 6 percent in every year since 2000 (2011)”. The result: The number of incumbent local exchange carriers’ access lines In 2006 was back down to 140 million, about the same level as In 1991 and off about one-quarter from the 2000 peak. Would allow a certain radius to function like a cell phone like Viii using data. This will create a new interest in this product and services.

The baby boomer generation is not very keen on using completed cell phone or adapting to new technology. The decline of landlines phones and the rise in cell phone use does not simply mark a shift between one types of phone to another. The decline of the landlines is also a reflection of how individuals have changed in our preferred means of immunization. Societies from all cultures have embraced new technologies, alternative ways of contacting each other, and even new ways of being marketed to by companies.

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