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The Founding of the Republic BY scooter’s John Adams – The Founding of the Republic John Adams was born into a comfortable life, but not a wealthy one. He came from a family of farmers located in Massachusetts; he was born October 30 1735. John’s father was also the deacon in the Congregational Church in their tidy little New England village, and besides farming earned a living as a shoe maker. John grew up your average child, spending all of his time outdoors, hating school, hunting and fishing; John was even caught skipping school to go hunting and fishing on the arm.

John later said in his life he would have been Just as happy and actually preferred to have been a farmer due to the love of the outdoors. John’s father was the one who wished him to get a quality education and even become a clergyman one day. John married Abigail Smith in 1764, they have five children in the next eight years of the marriage. John and Abigail did lose one child; a little girl Susann died in infancy. Minion six years before meeting Abigail, John would move to Boston and start his legal career.

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He had a lot of ups and downs as a lawyer and establishing his reactive. For his first year that his practice was open he only had one client and he did not win the initial case; he won it at the Jury case 3 years later. After winning that case, his practice grew in leaps and bounds. John Adams became the most successful lawyer in Boston, he had twice the case load of any other lawyer in the city and won twice as many cases. John was chosen to defend the soldiers of the British Army who were accused of the Boston Massacre in March 1770.

John actually prevented any of the accused from even setting foot into a Jail with his incredible defense. John Adams played a huge role in the Stamp Act of 1765, but at the beginning of the colonial protest he was reluctant to play a prominent role. John was simple afraid his participation would hurt his family, and his legal practice. He had no trust in the leaders of the radical movement, that included his cousin Samuel Adams. But not long afterwards he felt he had to act, he began writing anonymous newspaper essays and helping to print the colonial propaganda pieces.

His most famous piece published during the Stamp Act was titled “A Dissertation on Cannon and Feudal Law” in the Boston Gazette. John Adams did not intend for this paper to be a political essay or even relate to the Stamp act; but the paper created such an inspiration in the people; the paper wrote about the horrible British laws being forced upon them and how Americans had God given freedom and liberty. John then Joined the group the Sons of Liberty; which was ran by his cousin Samuel Adams and friend James Otis.

The Sons of Liberty was basically an organized mob when it comes down to it, they operated in secret against the Stamp Act; they organized riots and intimated tax collectors. But John Adams hated the violence that the Sons of Liberty enacted upon he city streets and actually wished for a peaceful resolution on changing the policy of the Stamp Act. John Adams eventually lost his Job due to Mr… Hutchinson a court to work in… John Adams had no Job.

John did remain in the Sons of Liberty until the Stamp Act was repealed by parliament on March 18, 1766; John did celebrate the event but doubted the future of the colonies political effectiveness. During the Stamp Act, John Adams was sent to Philadelphia as a delegate from Massachusetts to the First Continental Congress. John was reelected to the Second Continental Congress as a delegate also. John Adams did something which he is very infamous for; he nominated George Washington of Virginia to be the commander of the Continental Army when created in June 1775.

John Adams was soon seen as a leader of the Congress that pushed for the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson along with John Adams , Benjamin Franklin and others were appointed to prepare toe Declaration of Independence. There were actually ninety people chosen to write it, but those named were the most recognized with the most involvement of the time. John Adams was sent to France to help secure French aid during the Revolutionary War which eventually led to the Colonies winning their Independence tit French help.

During this time John Adams was elected to serve as the head of the Board of War and Ordinance, this was the congressional committee that oversaw the continental army. By the end of the Revolutionary War, John Adams had earned respect from the nation and a reputation as a man who had served his country no matter the personal sacrifices he may have had to endure; he was a patriot. The considered him a brilliant, blunt-spoken man that had an independent mind. John also received a reputation as a brilliant writer for the essays he wrote and published during the SASS and sass.

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