The danger of social media Assignment

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We’re now in a society where interacting online has become the social norm. You’re probably more likely to speak to friends and family through electronic devices than face-to-face and that’s a huge problem. In the 21st century, a huge and a still growing problem is taking over. This is known as internet addiction. Everywhere I go it seems as if people can’t disconnect from their phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Everyone is so caught up on the internet and forget to live their life.

In the article “The Hyperkinetic” Level Grossman describes his observations of people on his subway ride home and how he noticed how people are glued to whatever mobile electronic device they have. Grossman said, “My train emerges from underground, back into the world of sunlight and cell-phone reception. As it dos, everybody on the train performs the same gesture in unison. We dip into our bags, briefcases, purses and pocket for whatever mobile digital device we carry. ” In this quote he talks about how everyone is pretty much brainwashed and can’t control their data habits.

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I also see this problem in my own personal life. Everywhere I go I see people walking around glued to their mobile devices. I see them walk around without even picking their heads up to see where they are walking. It’s sad how people can’t go even 30 minutes without checking one of their social media applications. Grossman also talks about in the article how Twitter is like the cocaine of blobbing or e-mail but refined to crack. I agree with this statement because I am a first-hand user of Twitter and it is truly addictive.

It seems like I’m always scrolling up and down my news feed for something new to pop up when I know it’s just the same old information I’ve been receiving for the past couple of hours. Social media also has a lot of mental effects on its users. When you live most of your life through social media you begin to have a feeling of alone and loneliness. This happens because of your lack human communication. Instead of speaking with people in person you mainly talk through internet access.

When this access is not available the feeling of being alone takes over your body most Of the time especially if you have no close family by. Also studies have shown that the more lonely a person is, the more time thefts likely spend more time on Backbone trying to find online friendships or relationships. In “Is Backbone Making us Lonely’ by Stephen Marcher, Marcher says “A recent study out of Australia (where close to half the population is active on Backbone), titled ‘A,’Vhf Uses Backbone? ‘ found a complex and sometimes confounding relationship between loneliness and social networking.

Backbone users had slightly lower levels of “social loneliness”-the sense of not feeling bonded with friends-but “significantly higher levels of family loneliness”-the sense of not feeling bonded with family. ” This meaning that being on Backbone encourages you to more likely to have contact with people outside of your household at the cost of your family relationship. Loneliness slowly destroys people from the inside out without them even noticing. Loneliness isn’t just something that’s mental but it’s also physical. It affects not only the brain but the basic process of DNA transcription. When you are lonely, your whole body is lonely. ” Social media can do a lot of harm to a person as you can see. One of the main harmful consequence about it other than addiction and loneliness is that it can cause a lack of attention span. This is one of the main reason most kids growing up have some type Of ADD symptoms. When you are communication on social media you are constantly switching tasks. Because of this people can’t pay attention to one thing for very long and constantly switch to something else that’ll catch the users’ eye.

This creates bad learning habits. You get so use to receiving information in small sections, constantly switching from one subject to another and your brain can’t keep its mind on one thing. Some say that kids are writing more than they ever have in decades. People feel that this is a good thing if they can use it for education but some feel this will lead to barley illiterate generations. Social media is here and bigger than ever. I know it won’t be going away anytime in the near true so people should know the dangers and consequences of over using social media.

I myself use social media daily and can honestly say that I’m somewhat addicted that’s why I feel more people need to learn about Its dangers. Feel social media is really bad for you if you do not use it in moderation. It is slowly brainwashing the young adults and at the same time its affects the world and also the people closes to them without them even knowing. Most people who are addicted to social media don’t even know it until they’re deep in their addiction. The way we us social media needs to hanged drastically.

I’m not saying all social medias should be deleted but to a certain extent. It helps keep people all around the world connected but it also makes us lonely, stressed, and raises our anxiety levels to the roof. Even though it’s the modern form of communication and not only young people but businesses use it to interact with people. When used incorrectly it can ruin friendships, destroy a person image, create hard feeling, and even alienate people. It’s hard to say this but I think our world would be a better place without social media and all its dangerous downfalls it comes with.

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