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In today’s generation, social media has taken over society. It has affected our culture, and the way we act around others. It is amazing to see how much time we spend on social media. Constantly updating our Backbone pictures. Being said that, there are many ways our community is different now compared to how it used to be. For example, breaking news is faster, law enforcement agencies have discovered that social media helps them solve crimes faster, and people can change their political levels because of social media.

The most popular of all of the social networks, are the ones with which we communicate with one another. Teens, adults are able to stay in touch with one another. Today, information about any topic you could think of is just a click away to finding out your answer, thanks to social media. With the amount of friends on Backbone, etc, you are guaranteed to receive in answer in Just a couple of minutes. It is that easy. I thought researching this topic was very interesting, and easy to relate to.

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I myself understand how social media is taking over our minds. I know for a fact that I spend way too much time on Backbone. I think that social media affects the community very much so because without social media people wouldn’t constantly be on their electronics and being social with people in actual real life. In my opinion it is sad that now a days we are obsessed with what other people think of us. Posting pictures constantly trying to impress other people.

I believe that Backbone and these social Edie websites are a way that a person can express how they want their image to be. It is pretty obvious when you “creep” on someone on Backbone that you assume that a person is living their life one way, Just based on the pictures they are in. Some people believe that it is easier to talk to people using social media. This can result in building relationships. However, not always in a good way. This is how people get abducted, or bullied. Social media affects people in different ways.

It can e a huge distraction. I know for me it is very tempting to go check my Backbone and see what all my friends are up too. Especially, now that all my friends and are in college all at different places, it is easy to see how they are doing by simply Just checking this one website where it seems that there whole life is shown on Just one page. Really anybody has access to it, it is really scary to actually think about who could be looking at your profile right now. Social Media By incontrovertible 23

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