Interactions with Social Media Assignment

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Through analysing data on a weekly basis, patterns have emerged In regards to the way users Interact with social digital media. The above graph will be further interpreted, and highlight key aspects in regards to social media’s role in life of a user. However, through all the social media platforms, there is one which reigns supreme. This platform is Facebook, the foundation to communicating online with friends. The following will discuss how Facebook, and other forms of social media shape the lives of users.

The three social media platforms which were used in the igital diary include, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Out of the fifteen days examined in the digital diary the amount of times these social media platforms were used is shown In the following (Figure 2): Within the fourteen days of using Facebook, a total of nine days consisted of communicating with friends online. The primary reason noted In the digital diary, Is to be “kept updated with friends”. The other social media sites such as Pinterest and Twitter, were not used as a source of communicating with people online.

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The single purpose of using Twitter noted in the digital diary was to help assist in research for a roup assessment. Whereas, Pinterest was used as entertainment, collecting different images and creating ‘boards’ which reflect different interests. In regards to Facebook the various conversations included organizing events with friends as well as gaining perspectives towards subjects at university. In this sense Facebook, was used to not only converse with friends but assist the user In an educational context. However, what cannot be denied is Facebook’s role In communicating with friends.

Through the digital diary findings advertising companies are able to determine the easons of using Facebook (as a source of communication), and come up with strategies to bulld advertisements around these findings. In regards to advertlslng messages being shown within social media, there is one rule which applies in succeeding to get across to the target market, this being “The key to succeeding is two-fold: ideas must be remarkable, and you must find a niche group who are obsessed with your product and willing to devote their scant attention to it.

These fans may tell their friends and, in doing so, spread the word over their interconnected digital networks. If most consumers are likely to ignore your marketing message then the goal is to speak to those who are actually listening” (Stokes R, 2013). The above excerpt from The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World, highlights that in order to successfully sell a product, advertisers need to Identify a niche market who are likely to spread the advertising message to other members of the nice audience.

One example Included In the digital diary Is the stream of products being advertised from World Gym through Facebook. World Gym Whilst others may ignore these advertisements, I was highly interested and entioned these advertisements to friends who share similar interests. Therefore, World Gym had succeeded in reaching its niche group and continued spreading news on upcoming products and discounts. The data collected identifies that social media advertising was displayed on Facebook through all nine of the days the user visited the site.

The digital diary also identifies the multitasking rate whilst being active on social media. The one day of using Twitter, was for educational means therefore I was only multitasking in a group scenario (discussing the assessment with friends in class). When being active on Pinterest for the two out of fourteen days the multitasking rate had reached 50%. The main reason being on Pinterest was entertainment, I was interested in the content of Pinterest and would not find myself falling into multi- tasking.

The only form of multitasking being undertaken was listening to music. However, when chatting with friends on Facebook, I was able to multi-task more frequently, eating lunch, watching television, even posting statuses in university tutorials. The data shows that in ten out of fourteen days I was engaged in multitasking on Facebook. This is due to the wide acceptance of Facebook. Facebook has become a natural way to converse with anybody therefore using this platform in all aspects of life is simple.

For example, I was able to be involved with a university group chat and share a link with a friend in the click ofa button. Through evaluating the data in the Digital Diary, it is noted that social media (primarily Facebook) has highly influenced our everyday living allowing us to multitask and converse. In a marketing sense, advertisers are able to determine a niche market through social media and use this as a current to achieve sales or other marketing goals.

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