Ethics 316 Assignment

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Virtue Ethics Taking an ethical view of a situation and understanding the way one handle any circumstance and how the individual treat the circumstances with respect and morality…. Virtue Ethics is also known as agent based ethics, its position is that we become good when we cultivate excellence, (virtue) by pursuing the moderate courses between excess and defect. (Basic Ethics, Second Edition, by Michael Babylon). The beliefs that the big guy in the sky should help regulate the way one acts and wows respect and honor amongst one another is a violation to our freedoms.

If the government step in and tried to regulate the way we handle situations it would be wrong because setting a law and punishing one for not following the rules would turn into a hierarchy. It would also make everyone the same and no one would have a belief or right about his own ways. More than likely it would be unlawful for the government to take control over ones beliefs or virtues. Think of how one can enforce the laws, a lot comes to mind. The fact that if a law s disobeyed its falls against moral responsibility and also takes on a non-ethical view.

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By enforcing a regulated moral or belief and making one adhere is against a code of ethics and is morally wrong for the enforcer, one must believe that the one upholding and enforcing share a common ground and belief. With the enforcer not sharing the same views this can easily turn into an abusive situation especially if the enforcer has the ability to punish first hand. Legality based on obedience of a law that gives detail to an action or belief it also certain detail of one’s actions as well.

Morality is a way one shows principle, honor, virtue, decency, that promotes a safe and healthy way of life for everyone. I feel that there is a difference amongst the two and that being legality will place value and not let one learn from mistakes and set themselves up for failure and won’t be able to consider learning situations like what is right from wrong by trial and error. Setting a way of beliefs is most important for one to understand who what, were, when, and how action cause reactions to a situation.

If one can’t learn that a wrong doesn’t make a right then there are no moral standings and also shows that he or she is null and has no ethical understanding of humanity which also turns to ignorance and indifference’s in life. Having ethical or moral indifference’s in life can lead to misconceptions of social responsibility and indifference’s of apply yourself to your local community and local government. Life should be lived to the fullest and appreciated by all but it should be left to one to have a say in what one wants to apply themselves.

By forcing community cleanups on an individual is wrong it should come from the act of wanting to help and make better. Another active decision would be the right to vote and the freedom that comes with those rights, any individual should be able to make self indulged decision and understand the consequences that come along with the actions. Every action has a reaction and every decision we make in life is based off what our own beliefs are from what we are taught as children all the way to adult hood.

The knowledge and beliefs that we know are based off of the decision what is right and wrong and how we benefit from every action. Virtue ethics are a way one can decipher how honest and how indifferent we are and based on that what needs to be done to follow through with. But if rules are enforced and made to be abided there is no since in morality or ethical decision making. Basic Ethics, Second Edition, by Michael Babylon. Copyright 2009 by Michael Babylon. Published by Prentice Hall.

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