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Someone is almost 100 percent chance of surviving, and so far is over 90 percent accurate for detecting cancer,” he said. He said also: “And it will be the same for ovarian and lung cancer”, added “and changing the antibody, the same invention can use a different protein to detect Alchemist’s, other forms of cancer or HIVE. But it was not easy to get. From 200 requests sent to laboratories, all of them refused to continue his research, except one. Finally got the Johns Hopkins University will help its development. It is a discovery that could affect the cancer industry millionaire.

His invention is patent prosecution stage, which can take several years, but the day it is approved may be a revolution for medical science. Also during the conference, Jack said that science should not be a luxury, and should be a fundamental human right, “the right of access to information should be for all, not Just those who can pay”, he said. A discovery that has earned him the Gordon E. Award Moore of the International Science and Engineering Fair and the Intel Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award and is the youngest of the Royal Society of Medicine in the U.

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S. Speaker. Definitely a price well deserved. The invention this kid has made is amazing, has discovered a huge step forward for our society, and instead of being recognized by the cancer industry refuse to develop it, since being developed would lose the millions they earn with cancer. The invention soon developed between 5 to 10 years, they said. Since there are legal restrictions on free use and need to get a number of permits to commercialism this technology. If the sensor entered the market, the survival rates of pancreatic cancer would be 5. % today to almost 100%. You can save lives with this invention from now until that all such permits are approved, but instead is more important to continue enriching for a few years at the expense of the very expensive treatments used to treat cancer. This is a method that could revolutionize medicine and affect the millionaire medical industry. Perhaps it could be one of the most important discoveries of 2013, and also of modern medicine. This is a new method that could hit the millionaire industry of laboratories and medical providers that fight cancer.

Jack discovery could be one of the most important in recent years, although it has the necessary broadcast by different factors. One is the direct impact that this new method could bring about the billion dollar industry around the cancer, run by big pharaohs and medical providers. In regard to values, innovation refers to my first and my third selected value: “I will act with utmost integrity and pursue my work in an ethical manner” and “I will strive to create sustainable economic, social, and environmental prosperity worldwide”.

Jack started this project because he wanted to help others to find a way how to detect a possible cancer in time to save people. The main value of this innovation is that everyone has the opportunity to know the information, not Just the wealthy. Multi-stakeholder role play My group and I have made the role play about the case involved in bribery in which Armies Company (which is composed by two French companies, Thales and DDCD) was accused of having bribed Malaysia in order to enter into a contract about two submarines.

We decided to opt for choosing to COED. We chose it because it seemed to be the most appropriate to be the only one of the stake-holders in this case had been correct ethically speaking. Since France signed in October 2000 the COED Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Convention against bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions, and that there is a Judicial inquiry that illegal commissions were paid from French companies to Malaysian officials, there are legally binding standards to criminality bribery.

By signing this Convention with COED, French Justice imposed the law concerning the ‘supply side of the bribery transaction with potential sanctions up to 10 years of imprisonment and 1 50,000 в?? fines. All Convention countries must make the bribery of reign public officials a criminal offence. They are obligated to investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute those who offer, promise or give bribes to foreign public officials and to subject those who bribe to heavy penalties.

They are also required to deny the tax deductibility for such bribes. Under the Convention, individuals and companies can also be prosecuted when third parties are involved in the bribe transaction, such as when someone other than the official who was bribed receives the illegal benefit, including a family member, business partner, or a favorite charity of the official. Foreign bribery is a crime under the Convention even if such corruption is tolerated in the foreign country.

If an illegal bribe has been offered, promised, or given, it also does not matter if the briber was entitled to the business advantage that the bribe was intended to secure. The COED Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions (Working Group) is responsible for monitoring the implementation and enforcement of the COED Anti-Bribery Convention, and related instruments.

Made up of representatives from the States Parties to the Convention, the Working Group meets four times per year in Paris and publishes all of its country monitoring reports on the COED website. Recommendations for France The Phase 3 report on France by the COED Working Group on Bribery in International Transactions (the -??Working Group-??) evaluates and makes recommendations on the implementation of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (the “Convention”) and related documents.

The Working Group is seriously concerned that despite the very significant role of French companies in the international economy, only 33 foreign bribery proceedings have en initiated and five convictions – of which only one, not yet final, concerns a legal person – have been handed down since France became a party to the Convention in 2000. The Working Group is particularly concerned by the lackluster response of the French authorities in relation to companies sanctioned by other Parties to the Convention.

The Working Group regrets in particular that legislative changes in 2007 and 2011 aimed at further combating corruption did not lead to the elimination of the dual criminality requirement and recommends that France remove it. The Working Group also regrets the special regime of common law that prohibits victims of foreign bribery (except corruption occurring within the ELI) from being civil parties to proceedings and therefore initiating criminal cases. The Working Group recommends that France remove this limitation.

It also recommends that France ensure that companies and their subsidiaries cannot avoid criminal liability. The applied and available penalties, along with the lack of any recourse to measures to confiscate the proceeds of corruption do not appear to be effective, proportionate or dissuasive: France should increase the maximum fines and make full use of unification and additional penalties that are available under the law, in particular debarment from public procurement.

Cooperation with other organizations (concerning Malaysia) The Working Group is also actively working with major emerging economies not Party to the Anti-Bribery Convention, including China, India and Indonesia, as well as countries that are increasingly playing a role in global markets, including Malaysia and Thailand. China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are also active members of the Asian Development Bank / COED Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific. Malaysia has been regularly attending WAG (Working Group on Bribery) meetings since 2010 and attended three of the Wag’s four meetings in 2012.

Led by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MAC) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Malaysian delegation provided regular updates on the implementation of its foreign bribery offence, which came into force in 2009. In June 2012, the Mac’s Malaysia Anti-Corruption Academy hosted and Jointly organized with the COED two seminars. The first was to exchange knowledge and expertise with MAC investigators and focused on investigating foreign bribery cases using Malaysia’s reign bribery offence.

The second seminar was open to officials from countries in the Southeast Asian region, China and India to exchange knowledge and expertise on effective legislative frameworks for combating foreign bribery. This seminar was attended by experts from the governments of Malaysia, Brunet, Cambodia, China, India, Singapore, and Malaysian state-owned enterprises (Goes). Experts from Australia, Korea, the United States, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDO), and the COED participated in these seminars.

However, as COED Convention is concerned with the supply side it is logical that there is cooperation tit other Anti-bribery Conventions by including bribe-taking in their scope. The COED collaborates regularly with the organizations that are involved in fighting the demand side of foreign bribery, in particular the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDO) and the World Bank. Malaysia as a signatory to the UNCAP since 2008, is now obliged to cooperate with other nation states in preventing, investigating and prosecuting offenders of corruption.

State parties are bound to render specific forms of mutual legal assistance in gathering and transferring evidence for use in court and to extradite offenders. An overarching trend in the fight against trans-border corruption is universal Jurisdiction. This means a country can bring to trial and prosecute in that country those accused of having committed a crime in another country. The SCORPION submarine scandal provides the platform for universal jurisdiction to be applied.

By ratifying the UNCAP, Malaysia has signaled to the world our willingness to submit to an international framework of cooperation. The attacks launched against QUASAR, as the whistler’s in the Scorpion Inquiry is a reflection of a desperate government who have realized the magnitude and impact of the Scorpion deal. QUASAR reiterates the need for Malaysian public institutions to function independently and effectively in promoting good governance and combating corruption. The COED Anti-Bribery Convention and the UNCAP are complementary and mutually supportive instruments.

In practice, the secretariats to these two instruments met regularly in 2012, in order to keep abreast of relevant developments and UNDO representatives participated in meetings of the Working Group. As conclusion we can say that although the COED might not have the power to implement rules and to execute them, they still have the power of the peer within the COED. However, non-member states that haven’t signed the conventions can hardly be tackled by the Organization. Therefore it is recommendable to build relationships with anti-corruption associates in non-member states and support them.

Moreover, need governments that are willing to take forward the approach of fighting corruption any thinkable support as well as reward besides the opening up towards most developed countries. Legally binding standards like sanctions have to be renewed and made appropriate to each individual case as they should hurt but not destroy a company. As we are having a social responsibility towards every takeover within a company we should make sure that sanctions should be chosen the way they affect the company as much as possible and affecting the single stakeholder (I. E. Rocker) as less as possible at the same time. Another measure taking into account could be local and global media to even more catch the attention of as many people as possible as the field of corporate social responsibility is gaining importance within the society and a business environment. More presence in the media concerning corruption and bribery could seriously harm a company’s reputation as well as its future performance. The COED might has to take the blame of not having done enough to adopt the existing convention as they mainly concentrated on monitoring the progress of 1 5 years old convention.

However, member stated should be encouraged to put forward their own progress to become a well recommended country. Conclusion In conclusion I can say that this work has helped me to express myself AIBO values that have given in class and in general on the values with I have gar is difficult to explain because each person has their own vision of it, so it is have been able to make this portfolio and have expressed my ideas freely. I making my ethical dilemma about an issue that concerns me as much now the lack of values among the leaders of my country.

Just as I liked make my innovation about the Jack Andorra invention performed on cancer. All of HTH helped me to see between my ethics and my own values, although they are good to remember from time to time. Bibliography Links used to develop the portfolio: http://wick. 1 mm http://www. Repossess. Sees/national/notice-RA]ay-el-boy-meter-it]era-dodo-p Lists_De_alternatives_Para_salary_De_la_crisis http://www. Minutes. Sees/notice 1 537047/0/resorts/alternatives/crisis/ http://lapis. Mom/especially/2013/re del-gibbering/ http://marketing. Mom/Spain-criminality-protesting/ http://www. BBC. Co. UK/news/world-Europe-18156931 http://www. Economist. Com/blobs/newsboys/2012/03/Spain-budget-deficit h www. Dispassionateness. Com/portal/site/tsetse/ http://en. Wisped. Org/wick/2008??EH13_Spanish_financial_crisis htt wwHTHwashinWashington’snaComnal/health-science/]ack-ansackkAndorraaMarylander-on- mean-scientists- homecoming-and-tricortricksters12/02/ el 5606beBeebe11 e3-a62eh4away61 bDodd8booboo. html hHTML//]ackandKandaharttEn//en. wikipeWispedwiOrgJwickAndrakAndorra//www. he-sciHetist. comnarCommentariesarIEEElarticle/title/The-Cancer Kid/ (Appendices) Ethical dilemma: Spain’s budget deficit RaJoy Rajahns his belt THE king of orthodoxy has crumbled. Faced with an inherited budget deficit way off target, Spain’s MarianMarino Rajahebelled against this year’s Europe Union-agreed objective. Instead of bringing his country’s deficit down to 4. 4 Mr RaJMr.’Array’se-right People’s Party (PP) goUPrnment is aiming for a gentle has taken little more than two months in government for Mr RaJMr. Rajahmpl complyformation from gold-star pupil of EuropeRupee’srity warriors to chief r hat time Spain has begun to dip into a second recession.

Unemployment h to 23% of the workforce and beyond, the highest fgure figuree EIJ. FEX.uary s further 112,000 Spaniards added to the ranks of the Jobless. Advertisement The EU’s dEx.’sit target assumed moderate economic growth this year. In fact economy is set to shrink by 1. 7%-??with the consequent reduction in tax rece iracease in social spending. The biggest shock of all, however, has been the the cothery’s accounts. In the run-up to NovembNovembersal election, the ou Socolist administration of Jos&#1Joss;?? Luis Rodriguez ZapateSpatternued to insist t n track to meet the EU’s 6Ex.’srget.

But last week Crist&Crisis;??bal MontorMonitorbu minbuyter, revealed the true figure: 8. 5% (although some of Spain’s fellow Eur haRuetheir doubts about this number, as Charlemagne reports). This seeme seem that, when faced with elections, Spanish administrations at all levels fi almift impossible to apply austerity. More importantly, it left Mr RaJMr. Rajah facinging в??45 billion ($59 billion) adjustment if he was to meet the 4. 4% ma surprise, then, that the prime minister let it be known that he would apprecappreciateIJ gaEX.him a bit of leeway.

How about a new, more realistic, deficit targ hTarawks refused to blink. Spain’s government muttered angrily about a ha Brussels bureaucrats digging their heels in. So today it decided to go it alon taloneonsiderable loosening, Mr RaJMr. Rajahted he would remain Senor Auste Austerearget will still require an adjustment of close to в??30 billion. That is rou saRORas the “Save Italy” prograprogrammerrio Monti,Monthy’s newishunwise mi And that is to be spread over three years. In Barcelona this week and in Vale week demonstrations against education cuts turned nasty when (admittedly scale) violence erupted.

The head of steam building up against Mr RaJMr.’Array’smoverspentcontinue to grow. A general strike is expected for March 29 RaJoy Rajahlready pushed through serious reforms of the labourlabort, of and of budgetary rules for the future. These have been roundly praised out Spain. But none of this will help the country in the short term. Indeed, the government sees a total of 630,000 Jobs disappearing this year. That will pu unePUloyment to 24. 3%. Youth unemployment may well top 50%. Yet the re cutting social spending has barely begun.

Spain’s 17 regional governments, are responsible for education and health spending, Jointly failed to reduce t eficiteffectsl last year. They were the chief culprits, in fact, of Spain’s 2011 d miss, Jointly accounting for an overspend worth 2. 9% of GDP agGAPst a targe targethawkish Catalonia, which within Spain took the path now being troddetrodden Rajahn Europe and rebelled against its Madrid-set target in 2011, faile faille. 6% it unilaterally set itself instead. Artur Arturo Man’snment calculates came in a full percentage point above that.

The prospect of that experience repeated at national level is what worries markets and the rest of the ELI. Ca RaJoy Rajahthe targets his government has set itself? His rebellion today, an hours after the signing of the EU’s fEx.’sl pact, makes the EU’s sEx.’slity measu mesas#1074;Ђ??and sees Spain run the risk of facing EIJ saEX.ions. If Mr RaJMr. Rajah w more modest adjustment, it will not Just be his own credibility that is blown. CSR InCARSation: The Cancer-Test Kid After a family friend died of pancreatic cancer, high school sophomore Jack – invented a diagnostic strip that could detect the disease in its early stages.

I spring of 2011, 15-year-old Jack AndrakAndorra lot on his mind. A close frien friendy, a man who was like an uncle to AndrakAndorrarecently died of pancrepancreasr. Reading up on the disease, the then high school freshman discover around 85 percent of pancreatic cancers are diagnosed too late, when patie Pattithan a 2 percent chance of survival. The reason, AndrakAndorraed, was t best tools for early detection are both expensive and woefully inaccurate. “l ‘There has to be a better way than this really crappy test,” says AndrakAndorrasophomore at North County High School in Glen BurnieBernieland.

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