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Ethics in the world of sports could always be in question, because at the end Of the day people win big if the results are in one’s favor. Another situation in sports in bribery and one major organization just got caught getting bribes. FIFE which is the governing body of soccer leagues from around the world and host of the World Cup, just got caught with getting bribed. Two FIFE executives received expensive watches as gifts during the FIFE world cup in Brazil.

The watches retailed upwards of $26,000 and were given to executives as gifts, and there was second instance in which the watches were 5 to 6 figure range retail price. This has not been the only case that FIFE has been in the spotlight for bribery. Another instance is with the next World Cup in 201 8, in which Qatar was awarded the right to be the host country for the tournament. The reason why it is strange is because the World Cup takes place during the early summer months and in Qatar during that time frame it is 115 degrees outside.

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This was such an obvious bribe situation again cause who in their right mind would host a soccer tournament when it is 1 1 5 degrees outside? That became such a big issue that rumor has it that once the investigation is completed, if it indeed is true that Qatar won the bid due to outside reasons, then the United States would be next in line to host the tournament. At this time IIS Soccer officials have declined any official word of this rumor being true. If the United States is awarded the 201 8 World Cup it will be the second time the US has hosted the games since 1994.

At the end of the day, bribery happens in sports all the time. The time when any evidence leaks out of any bribery happening behind closed doors, then it is a public relations situation that must be contained by any sporting league. I conclude with this, do not bribe yourself in sports, play the game right and win fairly.

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