Communication and Employabili Assignment

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Understand the personal attributes valued by employers There are two different skills, hard skill and soft skills. Soft skill is skills needed to get along with others and to socialize with others and also skills that we need or are everyday life such as attitude and strong communication whereas hard skills are skill that are taught or gained through experience.

For example reading, writing, speaking a foreign language, and operating machinery are all hard skills. N this assignment I’ll be talking about the specific attribute, general attributes and attitude. Specific attributes Technical knowledge: also known as a computer skill is important because it can make your Job easier if you working on a computer or laptop. For example if you are working in STATIC (Gilbert Information Communication Technology you must know how communication technology work and how to use it such as Keep.

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Health safety: At STATIC you must working in good working procedures. By the law all wires must be hidden so no employees drop and cause trouble. For example if you trip over a wire it is possible that the wire might come out of a computer system, important unsaved data might be deleted. Second if you have a flu you must contact your boss to tell them your ill or else you’ll come in and spread the flu and it will increase more absents. But it is possible some company’s might need a sick note from a doctor in case you’re lying and Just lazy, not coming up to work.

Security: in STATIC it is important that the work you produce must be secured for some reasons because today there mass attacks in order to steal data and make it their own and make none. It is important in STATIC it to authorities certain programs to your work or else you can damage your work and can waste time. When communicating with someone about something important on the phone you must be sure that this phone call is secure so only you are allowed to hear the conversation. Second when working at home and doing important working you must set up anti-virus software.

Finally it is important that at your office you us a strong password that involves letters and numbers. General attributes At STATIC it is important that you have good planning skills, organizational skills, time management, team working, verbal skills, written communication, innumeracy and creativity. Planning skills: are important because you can touch on everything makes sure you have done everything so for extra you can have a check list on you have and what you haven’t done .

Organizational skills: being organized is really important if you are in STATIC because they are a lot of things that you will need and must have because if you don’t have the equipment you’ll Just make it hard for yourself. Time management: is important as well because having a timetable can also mean you’re regained and the advantage is it can show you when you can have a break and when you can relax. Team working: In team working you can understand the role off team leader or a member it also brings responsibilities and to also help others.

Verbal skills and writing skills: communication is the most important that all employees at STATIC. It is important because you need to communicate when it comes to team work. Also when sending emails or communicating with someone you must speak formal English. Another example is one-to-one meetings. Innumeracy: is important because we use it in our everyday life but some Jobs require high degree of mathematical skills. As for this Job it requires some innumeracy. Also innumeracy is important because if you have poor innumeracy skills it likely that you’ll be staying unemployment.

And CITRIC you need to have good innumeracy skills so you can do accounting. Creativity: at STATIC you must be full of ideas and must participate at all time so you make use of your time and also have a part in everything and give ideas by sending email. Attitudes When working in any Job, all Jobs require good attitude because all self-employees ant their business to be loved to gain more money. All employers must have good attitude so the buyers they feel happy to talk to thee employers.

All employers must be independent at some points and must get work done independently for example working on a computer or creating ideas. All employees should be honest at all times because it builds trust between the employees and the customers. And also employers must be honest when handling money. Dependability is important in STATIC we believe that those who turn up to work on and time are more reliable than NY other and those who do the accounting and does perfectly are even more reliable.

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