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So, the real question is; is everything that is marketed to them ethical? Our children’s physical health is vital to keeping this country going strong. Junk food and soda diets have affects; we need to teach our children the benefits of eating healthy. The side effects of such products like soda pop and Junk food have been thoroughly studied to understand the effects to be expected. A study was done on 275 young Arabic women between the ages of ten and twenty two with a mean of sixteen point two years.

This study showed that eighty two percent of girls drank soda at some point In their life. Forty one percent of the women did not currently drink soda and sixty nine percent f those nondrinker quit because they thought It was harmful. (Manhood, 2008) Although the women admitted to knowing that consuming soda caused harmful side effects on bones, body weight, and teeth; they continued to drink soda. When a blood test was taken, the sodium levels In the blood were far less In nondrinkers then In soda drinkers. Students moved from drinking dairy products to drinking soda products.

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Soda is cheaper to buy and easier to get old of compared to dairy products. This decrease In milk consumption leads to less calcium Intake. In a urine higher risk of broken bones and fractures in active humans. More milk consumption and less soda consumption would help decrease these risks. Dairy companies would have to advertise more and target soda companies to have children see more milk ads. “Most of the students believe that advertisements and new taste and shape of dairy products can help in promoting its consumption over that of soda. (Manhood, 2008) Soda companies were using sucrose as a primary sweetener at the very beginning of business. Sucrose is more of a table sugar, richer in flavor than artificial sweetener. Soda companies also were not being blamed for dental issues until a few ears after the switch in chosen product for their primary sweeteners. In the sass’s, soda companies switched from sucrose to high-fructose corn syrups to use as the main sweetener. This switch is thought to be the reason for dental erosion. Manhood, 2008) High-fructose corn syrup is sweeter in flavor; it’s what people use to sweeten a drink at a restaurant with those little pink packets. Also known to have many empty calories, meaning the calories being taken in have no nutritional value to the body. “A study done by Bray et al provided evidence that drinking large amounts f beverages containing fructose adds body fat and might explain that fructose could be even worse than using other sweeteners. ” (Manhood, 2008) Over time the soda consumption have increased rapidly among Americans. Between 1977 and 1998, the mean intake of soft drinks doubled from 5 to 12 fluid ounces per day, and the prevalence of soft drink consumption among US children and youth 6 to 17 years of age increased from 37% to 56%”. (Manhood, 2008) Although soda has become more readily available, easier to carry around changing from cans to resealed bottles; kids eve not been entirely educated on the effects at the young age of six year olds. Can marketing to uneducated children simply be ethical?

It does help keep the economy going, cycling the money through small business gas stations, grocery stores, and concession stands at fundraisers. On the other hand, young children are getting hooked at a young age, and starting to deteriorate their bodies. Eating ‘Junk food’ is more common than many people realize in the world today. Not only is it hard on people physically, but also mentally. Children are urged to eat breakfast; the idea of dating breakfast is to give a healthy start. Without it, the attention span is decreased and can lead to children feeling groggy.

This causes decreased blood sugar and the brain struggles to properly function without the needs of nutrients. (Ellis, 2013) Physically, eating Junk food can also have its toll on the body. According to recent studies, American families usually depend on corner stores for a lot of the food they buy and consume. At these corner stores it shows that children consume an extra three hundred fifty calories. These children that were at these corner stores were usually there five times a week buying snacks before and after school. This would result in an extra pound of calories in a week alone. Ellis, 2013) Eating Junk food not only leads to obesity, it also has lead others to a decreased life expectancy. Healthy eating could help a person live a longer, happier, more productive life. Other physical hinders Junk food Junkies find is physical alignment in the body will be off centered and heart attack is at a higher risk, and type two diabetes. (Ellis, 2013) Foods that cause those types of complications consist of high energy, fat, sugar, and odium. (Taylor, 2005) Children have been eating unhealthy because that’s all they among friends, and at home.

It’s important that we teach them as youngsters to make healthy decisions. “Junk food surrounds our children in a new “toxic food environment” which is made worse by a bombardment of advertisements through media directed at children. ” (Ellis, 2013) Eating healthy can change a persons’ life. People peak bone mass at thirty years old. If they do not take charge and make sure that they are consuming enough calcium they will never get that back. (Taylor, 2005) After bone mass peaks the bones start to decrease in calcium and cannot be grown back. Keeping bones healthy is vital!

Choosing hearth healthy foods can lower the risk of heart attack and diabetes. Healthy foods are colorful fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grain breads; Just to name a few. Humans that take care of their body throughout life, reap the benefits at an older age. (Somers, 2006) They can sit back and relax; enjoy retirement or travel the world. Whatever their heart desires. Now is the time to show children what they are missing out on. We, as adults, need to ring children up knowing the real issues and outcomes of unhealthy decisions.

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