Media sends unhealthy signals to young women Assignment

Media sends unhealthy signals to young women Assignment Words: 424

Media sends unhealthy signals to young women Every girl has seen a woman in the media stick thin, sun kissed, envy of the way she looks “perfect”. Women that are put on television, a magazine or advertisements is ultimately fake with Photos, makeup and plastic surgery. This is a dangerous perception of beauty which has resulted in a decline in self-acceptance. Many girls any age struggle with their image believing that they are not thin enough, their hair is not long enough, or even they believe that they are ugly. I believe that the social stereotype of beauty should go back to the ass’s.

Self-acceptance and self-esteem is one of the biggest issues for young women who believe that they are not beautiful. A high percentage Of girls who do not think they are thin enough go to the extreme of anorexia, bulimia or even diet pills at a young age. A mental condition that they will live with for the rest of their lives, the life expectancy for those with this mental illness is very short because of the lack of nutrients. Women that are models will even reluctantly eat, a model at size 4, is considered fat while the average of America is size 14, in the ass’s the average size was 1 1.

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Many young woman will even change their appearance to “mold” their self to be perfect. Most popular at the moment is the ideal for long hair so girls will buy hair extensions that could cost up to $300. Some girls will buy colored contacts for the desired blue eyes. Almost every young woman who desperately wants to be perfect will spend hours upon hours on their makeup, sadly I am guilty of this before school I will wake up two and a half hours ahead of time to get ready. Others will get fake nails, fake eyelashes, and self-tanners.

A girl could completely change the way that they kook and still not be happy with their appearance. In the ass’s skinny was not beautiful, a lot of makeup was not beautiful, but what is beautiful? Confidence? Confidence is something I believe that every young woman should have it is a very important thing that helps with growing up in to a woman. Models are a very small majority of America that is mass produced in the media of what young woman believe to be what they should look like. Media had had a very large degrading impact on young woman everywhere.

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