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The package holiday as advertised by Thomson will also have restrictions set out in Thomson A-Z guide books. And customer should read Thomson A-Z guide and these terms and condition carefully, before customer booked there holidays. In all task, Thomson need to consideration about PESTLE analysis, stockholder analysis, market segmentation, pricing strategy, extended marketing mix, promotional mix, marketing research, marketing planning, and sustainability of Thomson holiday. Thomson holiday fits in travel and tourism Industry- Thomson holiday Is a most famous and big tour operator.

Tour operator means who can operator the whole tour of tourist that called Tour operator. And the whole operator means, to do operator of whole Travel, Tourism and Hospitality component. The component of Travel, Tourism and Hospitality is given below So Thomson as they work for tour operator then it Is Intermediary or middle man organization. Thomson do transportation by their own plain, cruises, buses, cabs etc. They provide accommodation which is including with nice accommodation, quality food, and high quality services. And they have excellent location or destination which Is very attractive for customer.

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Brief description of Thomson Organization At Thomson, we understand that it’s the little things that make the big difference. That’s why Thomson has employ nearly 18,000 people to make your holiday special and batter form other. Thomson started up back in 1965 with the aim and making foreign travel accessible to all. Instead of soggy trips to the seaside, customer began jetting off to the Continent for a dose of sun. Fast forward 40 years and they are still going strong. Thomson has got more staff based around the world than any other travel company, and a huge collection of holidays to choose from.

So whether you’re after a cruise or a 5-star hotel, Thomson will help you find a break that’ (Ref- www. Thomson. Co. K) Stakeholder- Stakeholder means who has interest in the business directly or indirectly. Stakeholders are the people and Groups who may be influenced by, or may influence operation’s activities. Some Stakeholders are internal, for example the operation’s employees; others are external, for example Customers, society or community groups. Some external stakeholder has a direct commercial relationship with the organization, for example suppliers and customers. Ref: Engel Slack, Fifth edition 2007) Moreover, it can be address that the growing popularity of stakeholder analysis reflects an Increasing recognition of how the characteristics of takeovers – individuals, groups and organizations -?? Influence decision;making processes. This paper reviews the origins and uses of stakeholder analysis, as described in the policy, health care management and development literature. Its ‘OFF evolved into a systematic tool with clearly defined steps and applications for scanning the current and future organizational environment.

Stakeholder analysis can be used to generate knowledge about the relevant actors so as to understand their behavior, intentions, interrelations, agendas, interests, and the influence or sources they have brought – or could bring – to bear on decision-making processes. This information can then be used to develop strategies for managing these stakeholders, to facilitate the implementation of specific decisions or organizational objectives, or to understand the policy context and assess the feasibility of future policy directions.

Policy development is a complex process which frequently takes place in an unstable and rapidly changing context, subject to unpredictable internal and external factors. As a cross-sectional view of an evolving picture, the utility of takeover analysis for predicting and managing the future is time-limited and it should be complemented by other policy analysis approaches. PESTLE analysis of Thomson holidays Political-??political factor means how and what government degree in economics. So Thomson should also know about the government policy of this country.

It’s also including with goods and services, which is government provide to the Thomson tour operator. Specifically, political factor are include such as, labor law, environmental law, taxation, tariffs, tread law, local council law etc. Economic-Economic factor means owe Thomson operator and take decisions. For example, money interest rate affects a cost of capital in firms. So economic factor is including with like, interest rates, economic growth, inflation rate, and money exchange rates etc.

Social-social factor means what are the cultural aspects, population growth rates, life style of social people, age distribution, Thomson also make sure about thus kind of factor. So is including with cultural festival, demography, geography, languages behavior, religion festival etc. Technological-Technological factor is including as R and D activity. It is very important to know about latest Technology. Because, digital technology can provide to Thomson, quick and good services. Thomson allows use high speed internet services, and then Thomson can give services to their customer very quickly.

For technology product quality has well, more productivity, time saving, good impact for Thomson tour operator etc. Environmental-let is another importance element of Thomson tour operator. Environmental factor including with, ecological aspects. For example, weather, climate, local waste issue, etc. So Thomson has attention with environmental factor. Legal-Legal factor means what is legality of Thomson. It is including many law or legality likes, Employment law, customer law, discrimination law, and health and safety law etc. So Thomson has also policy to full file thus law.

The main marketing issues facing the Thomson organization at the moment There are many marketing issues facing Thomson organization such as, The C Analysis is considered for be a very helpful in analyzing in the market environment. Thomson needs to be consideration the competitor’s position within the industry. Business analysis both the current and capabilities of a competitor in order to be prepared against competition. This is the main purpose of competitor’s analysis. Thomson needs to be identifying competitors, and assessment of competitors.

Thomson tour operator use customer’s analysis method. Like, demographics Customers’ needs and wants, Income level of customers, Distribution Customers’ behave. Etc. Thomson needs to do company analysis like; companies goals and objectives, what is the mission and vision? Company need to be achieve their goals. Companies, performance, and product line all thus think Thomson try to achieve. For understand the Thompson business climate, there are many issue can be affect in a business, if researched well, and then it will contribute to a company.

For climate analysis is also known the PEST analyses Collaborators are very important and useful for Thomson tour operator, as they allow for creation new idea. Many kinds of collaborators in Thomson tour operator. Such as, agencies, distributors, suppliers, partnership etc. This is the main marketing issue facing Thomson and other organization current moment. So Thomson doing consider about this. Segmentation targeting positioning- Division the total market into the smaller groups, segmentation refers too process of dividing a big unit into small units that is the market segmentation.

Evaluating each segments attractiveness and selecting one or more on which to focus. Developing a competitive position for the product and an appropriate marketing mix. (Ref- lecture note) Thomson has some sort of plan in order to find out market segmentation targeting positioning (STEP). Because, without market segment company cannot make any plan about Demographical, Geographical, cryptographic and customer behavioral. For example if company don’t have any idea about their market segment, target and position then company may lose their goals and target. So it is very importance for Thomson holidays.

The main product of Thomson holiday Basically, Thomson is a famous and largest tour operator in the world. Where customer fill secure and comfort. The main product of Thomson is making holiday packages, which is including with Transportation, accommodation, attraction, destination, extras etc. For their holiday packages they have different type of packages like, Adult holiday Family holiday Luxury holiday Adult holiday-Thomson Couples is a collection of holidays designed Just for adults. Properties in this range are strictly child-free and are part of the Thomson Premium Collection.

What’s more, they all boast stylish interiors, inviting pool scenes and fantastic settings. And you can also look forward to fantastic, stylish restaurants and relaxed entertainment. (Ref-w. W. W. Thomson. Co. UK) They have more adult holiday packages like, Thomson gold, Sensation, chic and unique, entity holidays, small and friendly, spa holidays, all inclusive holidays, premium collection, villa holidays, long stay holidays etc. Family holidays-Keeping the whole family happy on holiday can be tricky but our brand new Thomson Family Resorts collection is designed to make things simple.

We’re not Just talking about properties with kids’ pools and playgrounds. We’ve thought about all the details like children’s buffets and interconnecting rooms. And all properties in this collection are 4 or 5TH – to keep the parents happy. (Ref-w. W. W. Thomson. Co. UK) Other hand they have some more family holidays like, Florida and Walt Disney, Disneyland Paris, Lapin, Florida holiday etc. Luxury holidays- The Just for adults’ tag is what really sets Thomson Couples apart. Perfect setting for luxury holidays these properties offer smart interiors and inviting pool scenes.

And double beds and tables for two mean they’re geared-up for great peoples’ holidays. Being part of the Thomson Premium Collection – Thomson Couples also comes with little extras to make your holiday special. (Ref-w. W. W. Thomson. Co. UK) In luxury holiday Thomson has like, A la Carte holidays, Platinum holidays etc. Flight- Thomson has domestic and international flight. They have Thomson airways. They do flight to Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey which is for international. For domestic flight Thomson do in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow, Alton, Norwich etc.

Where ever customers like to go they can book to Thomson airways. Hotel-Len Hotel and apartment deals they do like ROI Park Hotel in Costa Blanch. AT FEB., which is 19 Novo-14 DCE 2012. Form EYE up. Savoy Gardens Hotel in Madeira. 4TH HOB. This is 19 Novo-14 DCE 2012. For EYE up. Jazz Miracle park in Egypt. 4TH AL. 22 NOVO-14 DCE 2012. Form EYE up. Top place right now in Thomson, like club Canada in turkey, Atlantic Imperial Resort, Grand Hotel Flora, Atlantic Oasis, Hotel Falsies etc. Destination- Thomson has very attraction destination. Thomson allows bring to customer very best destination from around the Globe.

In Europe they are doing in Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus etc. And they also are doing in Caribbean like, sun, smiles and stunning beaches. For Africa, they do in the city or on safari. And Indian Ocean, The Americas as well. And Thomson has cruises as well. That is all product of Thomson, which is very quality full where customer can enjoy and satisfy by using Thomson product. This is all about their product and services, facility, and description. Pricing strategies- Every organization use main three pricing strategy for setting price their product or services.

Basically there are three main ways for setting the price of product or services. Such as Based on product cost -How much does it cost for making the product or services. And add price in order to make profit. Based on customer pricing- How much customer going to pay for this product or services, and can customer afford this price or not. Based on competitor pricing-The price has to be balance with competitor price or market price. Price should not be higher than competitor or market. Thomson do customer and competitor based pricing strategy.

Other way many ways for price strategy like, Penetration pricing Premium pricing Predatory pricing Contribution margin-based pricing Psychological pricing Dynamic pricing Target pricing Absorption pricing High-low pricing Value-based pricing Under the customer and competitor pricing strategy Thomson increase their market. Thomson knows the customer and competitor pricing strategy is very importance for why Thomson tries to understand the customer need and want. Thomson knows that if the price volume is high then sales volume will be low and if the price volume is low then sales volume will be high.

Competitor is another importance part of pricing strategy. Because price has to be similarity with competitor or market price. We know that market is so competition. If Thomson does not fallow the competitor pricing strategy then they may will lose their business. Promotional mix of Thomson- Promotional mix is an important part of marketing mix. Develop the product; promote the business doing some advertising that called promotional mix. Once a product is developed, its price is determined the next problem comes to its sale I. E. , creating demand for the product. It requires promotional activities.

There are five main element of promotional mix, such as, Promotional mix model (Luther note) Thomson tour operator uses the all promotional element, and promotes their service ND product many ways. But Thomson focuses few of thus elements. How Thomson promote itself- 1 . Advertisement- Advertisement is one the important element, which Thomson uses for their organization. Thomson advertisement has lot of element such as Television Radio Newspaper Magazine Billboard Cinema Social network 2. Personal selling-personal selling means face to face sales with customer. Or it can be by telephone.

For Examples: Sales presentations, sales meetings, sales training and incentive programs for intermediary salespeople. When customers booked their holidays, they call to the company. 3. Sales promotion-let could be media or non- media communication . For Examples: Coupons, sweepstakes, contests, product samples, rebates, tie-ins, self-liquidating premiums, trade shows, trade-ins, and exhibition. 4. Public Relation-Thomson always try to make relation with public. Every company has got some plan to build up relation with public. Public relation is paid media. Thomson has some sort of plan to make relation with general public.

Such as, Direct Marketing-Direct marketing means, to do marketing with customer directly that’s called direct marketing. Thomson do direct marketing like, e-mail, telephone inversion, send to the customer voucher, send leaflet or later to the customer home. Thomson has got customer relation management. Thomson has some salt of form; by this they can easily have customer telephone number, e-mail address, home address etc. And for this reason they can do direct marketing with any customer. Marketing mix Every organization needs to do marketing mix for promote their business and introduce their product or services in the market place.

For this reason organization need to focus on marketing mix. Marketing mix is all about APS for any organization. Every organization need to thing about 7 As before and after fit the organization. So the APS is stand for, Product Place Promotion Process Physical evidence People. Process-process transfer to the method and process of providing a good service. For example, Thomson allows use high speed internet for providing quick and first class services to their customer. And Thomson has good communication connection their each branch and existing customer, which is only for their good process.

Physical evidence-physical evidence one of the most important part of Thomson tour operator. And it is expensive for any organization. Physical evidence means furnishers, lighting, and air condition etc. It’s all about organizations decoration. So almost all customers’ first impact depends on Thomson Physical evidence. And as we know that first impact is always good for any organization. People- People refers to the customer, employee, management and general public or everybody else who is involved in Thomson tour operator. So as extended marketing mix of Thomson, it is very importance to ensure about those people.

Thomson knows customers are most important part of their business, so they always take care their customer. Employee is he very essential element part of Thomson. They can leave at any time. As 2012, Thomson has 100000 employee of their organization. Thomson tour operator always give them training, Job rotation, Job enrichment, motivation Etc of their employee. For management level they give them good opportunity. Marketing research-Marketing research is very important for any organization. Thomson always needs to do their marketing research.

Marketing research means to find out about market size, geography of the market, customer behavior, market segment, customer profile, further potential market, competitor marketing police etc. That called marketing research. There are two kind of marketing research 1. Primary research 2. Secondary research Primary research means analysis a workplace a survey or by interview. Data collection form new research. Analysis form laboratory or literary or historical text. Secondary research means secondary source which is including form books, article about political issue, medical issue, and literary works.

And internal resource of organization. The scope of marketing research Thomson Marketing research can be following element like, Market research Product research Promotion research Motivation research Sales research Competitor research Customer research Etc. 1 . Marketing research-let means to find out the market size or target market. Need to be known about geography area of market. And analyses the customer profile. It is importance in marketing research. Investigation of new uses for existing product. Packaging research of Thomson product. Research of product development and pricing policy. . Promotion research-Analysis of the promotional activity which is effectiveness. For example advertising, directing marketing, sales promotion, personal selling, and sponsorship research etc. Copy and media research. 4. Motivation research- It means analysis of motivation of customer responses. And customer perception of value. Analysis of Thomson employee motivation. 5. Sales research- It is more value in marketing research. It is including like, evolution of sales methods. Planning of sales calls of Thomson. And analysis the distribution system of Thomson.

Identification of suitable outlines. Thomson selling activities by intermediary, agencies. 6. Competitor research- Research the activities of competitors. What kind of policy they are following. Market shares, trends and unique selling point. So competitor research is very importance of Thomson. 7. Customer research- Analysis the customer behavior. Different types of customer research. Identify the customer expectation. Find out the customer demand. Customer research is very needed for Thomson holiday. Thomson holiday allows focus of those planning in order to do their marketing research.

The process marketing research There are some stages of the market research which is Thomson allows follow. Those stages are Stage 1. Definition of the problem- This is the first stage for any marketing research project is to find out the problem. And before launching a research, it is importance to clarify the type of required information. It is involves of discussion with the decision makers, analysis of secondary data, perhaps, and qualitative research. Stages. Investigation of secondary sours of data- When the primary researches done then come to the investigation of secondary sours of data.

The main sources include government publication like, the yearly social trends, organization research, trade associations and professional bodies etc. Secondary data should be handled with carefully. Stage 3. Selection of primary data collection- Basically there are three mineral method of field research to collection of primary data. Surveys Experiments Observation Thomson holiday organization need to survey generally way. Like, value of marketing research which is depends on its accuracy. Primary research is time-consuming and costly. After surveys need to do experiment of the information. Need to do verify the marketing research.

And last of all observation, it is very importance to do observation that what is going on in the market. Stage 4. Decide on details of research techniques-Len this stage would be formulation of questionnaires method. Stage 5. Analysis, interpretation and evaluation of the- It is very importance to draw conclusions after collecting the data. Then it can be of value in designing marketing strategies. That is the main process of marketing research. Thomson holiday follow this marketing process. In order to achieve the research objective of each stage of marketing process Thomson need to be focus on every single stage.

Specially questionnaires and deciding on sampling methods. Thomson holiday focus on it like, Thomson holiday ask every single customer who is traveling with them to fill a holiday experience as Excellent Fair or poor Sustainability and corporate social responsibility Thomson is the part of sustainable aviation, a UK initiative bringing together airlines, airport operations, aircraft and engine manufacturers and air traffic management providers, which seeks to minimize the impact of flying on the environment and society Thomson tour operating has high responsibilities towards the society at all the time.

Thomson holidays they do motivation their employee with high respect and more than average remuneration. The organization is giving more environment friendly tourism and giving awareness to its clients regarding this. Thomson designed many tour packages and they have given maximum priority to the environment and nature friendly tourist approaches. Thomson also helping to many other charity organizations from the income derived from their business. The Thomson holidays is committed to work with the stakeholders for their convenience and happiness with friendly.

There are many way Thomson doing there sustainability and corporate responsibility Publications Event Newsletters News releases Other social network Publication- In publication section Thomson throws their annual report. It is very social responsible as well, where people can get more information about Thomson holidays. Other hand Thomson publishes many books for every year, which is A-Z guide for Thomson holidays. The some books name is Premium collection, Florida, Lapin etc.

Event- Thomson has many activities like, they have wedding event, AT Favorites event etc. People can get many comforts with this all event. Event is very needed part of social responsibility. Newsletters- Thomson annual report any new thing comes to the business they throw in newsletters. Where people can have clear idea about their Thomson holidays. In this Newsletters section Thomson use progress report, technical papers etc. News releases-elf any new thing comes to the Thomson holidays then they releases it by news releases.

This is another sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Other social network- In this part Thomson doing some interesting thing and make social network like, face book, twitter yahoo etc. Thomson throws their information or news by social network. Conclusion- After scanning the all task, it is clearly understandable that Thomson always fellow the situation analysis, marketing report, marketing research and sustainability and report social responsibility and many other thing.

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