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They also consume much chemical food, which contained so much preservatives and MS. These would lead to a negative impact on their health in long-term. Ii. Unhealthy sleeping habits The kids nowadays have spent much time on playing electronics appliances, particularly the tablets and smart phones. They would sleep very late finally as they play the games attentively. As a result they do not have enough sleep in school days. Iii. Inadequate physical exercise Children now have spent less time on doing physical exercise.

Rather, they spend more time on playing electronic appliances and surfing the NET. Iv. Unhealthy development Due to the inappropriate lifestyle and eating habit, children aged 3 to 10 old develop an unhealthy development, both mentally and physically, which impacts their growth in the future. V. Impacts on parents – The parents, on the other hand, would be impacted too. They become more concerned with their children’s health and would be willing to spend more money in purchasing health products and supplements to their children.

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After all, we aim to bring out the findings as well as to promote our health products to our target audience through the media. Our health products suit the children aged 3 to 10 by providing adequate nutrition and vitamins that re crucial for the their development. C. Location Our target audience is the one living in Hong Kong d. Timing of advertisement We decide to reveal the health survey findings together with the health products after three months of the survey.

During these three months, we would communicate with different types of media and design the advertisement e. Period of time We decide to set the time frame of this media program for three months. We believe that three months is the optimal period of time, after considering the cost and effects of the media program. F. Communication goals We hope that 80% of the target audience can reach our survey findings and the health products.

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