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The various forms of visual media in American culture have changed the way we think overall. It has made us change the way we dress, how we communicate with each other, and how we perceive the world around us. Currently, the forms of entertainment that is available cause many individual and their families to be more consumed with visual entertainment that reading any form of literature or children even enjoying outside entertainment. Children in the past couldn’t wait to enjoy the company of their friends and run and play until the street light came on.

Today hillier are anti-social and rather be stuck in front of a television program, or searching the web than being social. Video games, Internet, cellophanes, other types of electronics have taken away from our values. We longer take the time to have a face-to-face conversation anymore, instead we send a text. There is no more family game night, because the game systems have taken its place. The television has become the center of attention in some households were there used to family dinners to discuss life or even goals. The consumption has not only separate d the family in a social sense but has proven to add to health risk as well.

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The today’s modern family watches a lot of various programs on TV and access the Internet daily. Many go to theatres to enjoy movies with family and friends as well. Americans has immersed themselves in visual media not fully understanding the impact that it has on their lives. It influences us directly or indirectly and positively or negatively. This form of media is a great asset to American culture. On one hand it can enrich our lives and make our leisure time more enjoyable, but on the other hand it can have ill effects on our culture and values that are very dangerous.

Some media can provide beautiful, realism and very unique images. For some individuals, they are able to understand and memorize information more easily. There are enormous amount of information that visual media provides that can educate and inform individuals on things from science to home improvement projects. Thanks, to this invention we are able to learn about other countries and interchange or share or different cultures. The damaging disadvantages of visual media are our children and how they are easily influenced by what is seen on television or the Internet, mimicking such acts.

Advertising can Jeopardize one’s idea of what beauty and health is suppose to be. Seeing that products revolve around these two aspects can have dangerous outcomes. People can become obsessed with the way they look, especially with beauty reality TV and certain magazines. It can become an unhealthy addiction to what you should be but not what is healthy. Obesity is on the rise in this country. Children plant themselves in front of a television, not moving for hours on end. This can promote children to Indulge in unhealthy eating habits with lack of physical activity.

This behavior can fuel a child’s inability to stay active or even stimulate a child’s own imagination. The media can also influence one to do things that aren’t morally correct, like substance abuse. Movies portray habits that are unhealthy as “cool”; this can take a vulnerable individual in a bad direction. The influences that consumed daily,and whether it’s done in a negative or positive manner. People think they are in control of their day-to- day lives, yet most of what we eat, and even the way we feel, is significantly influenced by those around us and those around them. Our actions can change the behaviors, and beliefs.

Visual media can create epidemics such as: voting patterns, fads in the fashion market, social behaviors like smoking and drinking and even substance abuse. In end the behavior and attitude of Americans is and how they view the influences that visual media has on their lives, individuals may reconsider maybe what they chose to watch, or what sites to you spend your time on. Putting things in more perspective will change the behaviors because they used appropriately. In the end visual media is a great asset when the consumption doesn’t take over your life and your behaviors. (Lull, 2012) www. Sub. Du/facsimiled. PDF

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