Pop Culture and Electronic Media Assignment

Pop Culture and Electronic Media Assignment Words: 297

The horizons of technology become wider with each passing year. In the comfort of your own home you can easily communicate with a friend or relative across seas with the click of a button. Just a century ago people would not have dreamed something so sophisticated possible. The possibilities are near endless from flying vehicles to virtual advertisements. As our technological knowledge has grown so have the ways to distribute media, electronic media in particular. One Hundred years ago newspaper dominated the mass media and there was not much competition, if any.

Electronic media is a rapidly growing area in the culture of Americans. The television, movies, radio, and music are all allocating many aspects of our culture. The radio was one of the first forms of electronic media. If someone could not afford to go to a sporting event or wanted to know what was going on in the world simply tune the radio in to the program of choice. Intersession between programs where and are used for advertising purposes. When listening in to a radio commercial visualizing is key. The television came along not to far behind the radio.

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A whole knew wave of entertainment was started and companies could now provide you with the visuals of their choice. Before there was a need to be politically correct the television distorted our views with a number of things. Indians where viewed as a barbaric aside from on television. Misconceptions are to this day poured from the television. For example, a person may see a flawless character on television and then set a goal to become more like that when in reality the individual on television has been airbrushed and touched up in numerous different ways portraying unrealistic beauty as natural beauty.

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