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This began the marketing bid to go green, to be ecological friendly, and be environmentally safe in all their activities from the conception of the product idea, the selling and shipping of the company’s green product. This marketing process was to begin to cash in on the consumer’s concern regarding the tragedy of environmental degrading, so green marketing is basically the awareness of a company’s products or services that sells the ideas of green marketing.

In the simplest terms, “green marketing” is selling the idea of a superior product that is and has all the characteristics of the company’s product that is environmental conscious ND superior to other green products. So after understanding a bit of the history behind green marketing, we have to determine what the principles are and how to abide by those principles.

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Green Marketing Principles The first I would say is, Social Responsibility: A company must decide to make green marketing apart of their corporate social responsibility initiative, it must meet the mission of the business and mix nicely with sustainable environmental protection of it’s products. Second would be Competitive Advantage: In order for the company to go green, they must still remain competitive in their reduces ranking with the consumer, so they can sell their products at a price that usually is higher than the regular non green item.

Because sometimes the green conscious consumer will pay for the higher priced green products so they can give back to the environment by purchasing the products of the company. Third is Consumer Awareness: The consumer is a major player in the game, they are starting to understand the footprint they are leaving behind, the increasing concern of the consumer is a marketing gold mine for the company who seeks to use the opportunity. Sometimes reading new-designed products will be in the best interest of the company to capitalize on their consumer’s conscience.

The fourth would be Transparency: The consumer has to believe in your product and understands the claims that are being made by the company. They should be able to be skeptical and be fueled by the product they are buying from your company, if you are laying claim to a certain green feature within your product you should be expected to be called on it. Fifth would be to Reassure the Consumer They should be able to believe in your product and what it is supposed to for the consumer.

The idea of quality should be apart of the product while still keeping in mind the environmental influence. If your amazing product does not appeal to the finicky consumer, your product would be in the trash heap if it doesn’t appeal to the consumer and that is not good for the environment. The Four As When thinking of green marketing products, we should remember the four “AS” of green products, which is price, product, promotion and price. “The four AS, often referred to as the marketing mix, are all constrained by internal and external factors in the overall environment.

Designs made in the “product” component determine the name, design and packaging of the good. “price” involves the cost of the good and if volume or seasonal discounts will be offered. “place” decisions outline where the product will be sold and how it will be delivered to the market. “promotion” involves advertising, public relations and promotional strategy. ” (Investigated, 201 5) The four “AS” of marketing should be taken seriously because green marketing has an impact on the four up’s.

The company must remember that there are characteristics that the product must be before they can be officially labeled as a green product are that the reduce: should not harm any animal in any way; should not harm a human in any way; must be non harmful to the environment in its lifestyle; should not be a major hog of ecological resources; should not be wasteful or fill up the local landfills; And the product should be packaged friendly with disposable CEO-friendly features.

Conclusion Green marketing is sometimes only said to be a way of promoting green products. But it can be a way of life for the company, by being a green company you are living up the expectations of the consumer it can be a way of making money and keeping he loyalty of the consumer. There are guidelines that are starting to reinforce the claims of the product, so that is another a factor that as to come into play when creating a green product.

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