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According to the Simple Model of the Marketing process, the first tepee to a successful campaign includes understanding the marketplace and customer’s wants and needs. These salespeople are in direct contact with the consumer. By talking to each customer one-on-one, the salespeople will 1) gain a better understanding of the value proposition, 2) then showcase to the consumer how Picked will enhance his or her lifestyle, and 3) be able to provide customer feedback at training to further heighten marketing.

The overall goal of the Simple Model Is to capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity. The salespeople are at the forefront of this model. They are the ones building refutable relationships with the cell phone subscribers. The subscribers pay a monthly fee for this technology, from then which Antenna receives a portion of this subscription revenue. To maximize profit, Joey’s main focus should be to develop a salesperson with the necessary product knowledge to capture value from customers.

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How to Market Picked for Everyone’s Use Picked is a universal technology that can cater to the wants and needs of not Just one segment, but many clusters of wireless subscribers. After qualitative research, Joe developed three customer personae to discover his target audience. He clustered ACH persona by age. The problem of focusing on age demographics is that the marketer disregards the outliers in the age groups; they are generalizing that everyone in that generation uses the product similarly. In reality, the world is diverse with people who are either basic, intermediate, or advanced technology users.

As seen in Joey’s research, the forty-two year old uses the Internet more than the twenty- seven year old, plus has a higher-tech phone than the latter. Therefore, wireless carriers should not market to a particular age group, but should instead be aware of the different types of users and cater to their needs. This can be found through conversations between the customer and the salesperson. Joe has set the foundation for distinguishing these three types of technology users, and now can move forward to market across the board.

To cater to everyone’s needs, the marketing plan should focus on the simplicity of the product: quick set-up, automatic uploads, easy-to-use control panel on both the phone and the computer, along with an immediate delivery to email, the computer, and social media accounts. By knowing the consumer’s history with technology (how often does he or she use the internet, why does he or she want a cell phone, etc. ), the salesperson can then guide them to a more specific purpose for the use of Picked. Having a clear purpose attracts the consumer to the product.

And it is the duty of the salesperson to first discover the customer’s technology capabilities to then provide them with more information and a cell phone plan (with Picked included) that is right for them. Discovering value proposition will maximize profits. Wireless carrier employees will learn how to discover a customer’s value proposition through Joey’s training plan. Campaign Slogan The campaign “Stop a moment in time and share it with the world” combines the value proposition with the use of the product.

Customers get the right to decide their value proposition. Sarah wants to upload pictures to her computer so she can email them to her family. Steve wants to take pictures of houses to send to clients. Regina wants to post pictures of her friends on social media. All three personae want the opportunity to share their pictures with clients, friends, family, and loved ones. They are stopping a moment in time by capturing an image. They can simply share the moment with their world through Joey’s technology.

The slogan is universal enough where it can reach, not Just one particular audience, but also all clusters of technology users. And the purity of the slogan represents the simplicity of the product. “Stop a moment in time and share it with the world” can be a buzz phrase that the salespeople motivate to subscribers to post on social media, thus creating consumer-generated marketing. Joe will teach the salespeople the meaning behind the slogan throughout his training program. It all starts with the salespeople planting the good word in the consumer.

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