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They can also replace the usual organic detergents which do not dead to reduces of quantity demanded for normal detergents and profit. Technology (energy cost) The price electricity tariffs is increased by 7,12% and tariffs for industrial and commercial consumers will rise 8. 3% on average. It will increase the price of products, because its’ cost increases. Lee K. P. , NJ. And Relic A. (2011). Malaysia Raises Power Prices. The wall street Journal.

The rise in electricity tariffs caused the price of detergent products will increase. It is because the cost of production of detergents grew. Thus, people might buy less this product and try to get dirty less. Economic (income) Tan Sir Nor Mohamed Yaks (Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department) stated that the average monthly household income in the year increased by 7. 2 percent from RAM, 025 to RAM, 000, from 2009 to 2012 in Malaysia. In addition, Malaysia is one of the few developing countries.

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There is income from resource extraction have been reinvested in the economy in the form of machinery, buildings and education. It supports high growth rate, which was divided among the population, increase in the average income of the bottom 40 percent of rural households by 7. 1 percent a year over three decades, while poverty rates plummeted. Sham F. N. (2013). Increase in household income. Malay Mail. Heightening the family income encourage people have more children, because there are funds for their maintenance.

Everyone knows that the younger generation has brought more impact on the increase in sales per year from the zoo. Without children and adolescents parents; other words, adults, cannot even find a reason to visit the zoo. Thus, the increase in the average income may be one of the reasons for the increasing interest in the zoo. Although it leads to increase in younger generation and increase interest in zoo, children may not be interested in zoo, because pad may e more interesting for them.

Demographic According to United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNTO) Malaysia is 10th most visited country. There are a huge number of tourists in Malaysia in last years. ALAI 1. (2013). Malaysia is 10th most visited country. The star online. The rising of tourists in Malaysia also increase the number of people visiting the zoo, because the zoo is a landmark. In addition, due to big number of tourists, zoo is able to increase the price of ticket or food selling in the zoo. Thus, the tourists will increase the zoo’s profit.

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