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Available internationally at several countries beyond Asia region ; Wide range of products for both male and female High quality products Low cost production and management Consistent productivity and creativity for every new season ; and essentials Asian cutting and measurement 7. 2 Weakness Still being introductory and strange in Malaysia Current only one store available within Malaysia

Product variety and launching based on the four seasons ; to import tax and currency conversion 7. 3 Opportunity Fashionable Higher cost due Emerging trends in the clothing and apparel markets; companies operating in the global arena are expanding their business activities ; Globalization has spurred greater simultaneity in fashion trends around the world; trends spread like wildfire around the world as well as in Malaysia ; Establishing of store at Buick Banning which is the most vibrant area of capital city, Koala Lump ;

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Innovations in information technology have increased the speed with which information travels throughout the world ; Economy growth and civilization development are contributing to the high demands of consumer market. ; Low- price clothing and apparel are welcomed in Japan, presenting a huge business opportunity 7. Threats Difficulty of getting more market share due to competition from those competitors which has established in Malaysia earlier ; Lack of brand awareness and popularity due to low availability with only and one store in Malaysia ; Bad espouses for certain products which are not suitable and applicable in Malaysia due to climate and season issues.

Production Regions – The largest percentage of merchandise sold in UNIQUE business operations, which are the core activity of the Group, is manufactured in China and other countries in Asia and then imported into Japan. For this reason, in the event that major changes occur in the political, economic and/or legal environment and natural disasters are experienced in China and other producing countries, this could have an adverse impact on business results.

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