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In the article titled “Red Fire Branding: Create A Hot Personal Brand And Have Customers For Life”, Arthur Liz Goggled 2011) shares her thoughts on the importance of branding and how others perceive you based on the interactions you have with customers. Needless to say, the main thesis of this article is to give insight to business owners and entrepreneurs in how they can launch their brand in the market place and make it unforgettable. Urethra’s Reason for Writing Article Liz Goggled is an author and speaker with over 25 years of experience working in marketing and branding.

A list of Arthur Googol’s clients include the World Trade Centers, Sharp HealthCare, Quaker Oats, Pfizer, and Envision. Arthur Goggled decided to write this book to share why branding is more than Just a logo. Goggled covers stages from the beginning to end which include naming a brand, choosing the color of the brand and how to create a powerful business card. Googol’s point of writing this books is to get the reader tuned into the good, bad and the ugly in the marketing world.

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This book is also useful to any corporation that may be considering re-branding or for any company that may be facing an uphill battle for survival in the marketplace. Facts Presented Arthur Goggled makes a point to include her thoughts on what branding “is not”. She shares that branding “isn’t a hot iron searing into your hide: and that it “isn’t the logo, Web site, TV commercial or slogan that is used to advertise your brand but that branding is rather the foundation of all marketing messages including unintended ones delivered via blobs, e-mail messages, social networking, and voice mail greetings that influence how others see you.

In other words, your brand is not what you “say it is” but instead what others “say it is”. The Arthur used big corporations by way of examples in her book to prove that her advice about branding in marketing is legit. More specifically, she used brand names like Nikkei, United Airlines and Coca-Cola to show business owners and entrepreneurs how to avoid R&D (Rip-off and Duplicate) efforts from those who will be competing against them in the marketplace. Related Topics Goggled gives readers the essentials of strong brand positioning.

As with any marketing textbook, the Arthur gives four components that are critically important when marketing a brand. Clearly defined target – target those who specifically fit the harmonistic of the brand you are marketing. Frame of reference – Understand your competition and remember that customers are always looking for an alternative. Thinking outside the box can ensure that you stay one step ahead of the completion Emotionally based promise – The goal is to create a strong brand to ensure that customers will chose your brand over those who are considered competitors.

Fact- based support for point of difference – putting your brand to the test and doing plenty of research will help you understand what your position is in the marketplace. Critique of the Article Overall this book is based on the Arthur taking successful ideas from large corporations and breaking them down for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get the gist of the importance of owing and selling their brand. This type of book is essential to use for business tactics and strategies that can guide business-minded people to success. The book is also personal to the Arthur because she is also a business owner.

Furthermore, she definitely understands what it is like to deal with the struggles that other marketers are confronted with daily. The Arthur also shows passion and uses different techniques to persuade readers to stay motivated about taking the next steps to become successful. Conclusions and Recommendations To conclude, it is important how a brand is presented to the public rather than how it is printed on a billboard. It is important for consumers that your brand is unique and that it stands out from the competition. A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day.

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