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The journey towards creation of this successful enterprise begun when the founders then working for General Motors as service and motor assembly engineers decided to quit employment to pursue their childhood dreams of being engineers in their own firms. The duo used the amount they had been paid as ex-gratin to register a company and later on takeover a small garage located by the road side in the South Western part of New York City. MIMIC Ltd is a specialized automotive company whose main business Is to assemble cars and sell them to the customers. The Company has entered Into a pact to act as an agent for

Mothballs and Ionians to assemble Ionians 635 make and Mediumistic eclipse where the principals would supply the required materials at a discount. Similarly, the Company undertakes repair business of all types of vehicles as well as sell spare parts. These products and services are specialized to only the two types of vehicles but diversified in the nature in which the services are complimenting each other for a profitable business. The Company deals in both new and used cars targeting both the high end customers and companies as well as middle class customers in the economy.

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The automotive industry in New York is competitive with a lot of large and small scale players competing for the same customers. Among the largest dealers are Hillside Auto Mall Inc, Toyota Manhattan and Mercedes-Benz. These competitors are mainly large scale and customers perceive their prices to be too high making a majority of them to prefer to service their cars In smaller but professional companies and garages. On the other hand, many small scale automotive companies lack the necessary professionalism as they employ semi skilled people without formal raining.

Part 2: Introduction to Brand Audit MIMIC Ltd brand is built on a pillar to be the best partner for all the automotive needs of its clients. The company brand is customer focused with all activities undertaken with an objective to delight its customers. In its processes, the company insists on providing a holistic, value for money services through superior automotive services, fair prices for all its products and providing the right service at all times. The Company has values that set the playing ground for its employees in its bid to offer revise to the customers.

Everyone in the company is strictly obliged to observe that they live within these values in all their undertakings be It with the customers or amongst one another. These values are summarized Into Trustworthiness, Courageousness and creativeness. To build the MIMIC brand, the company undertakes various community support Initiatives and plans to engage In many more when called upon to do so. It has a well functioning community social responsibilities policy the communities in which it operates. Similarly, it will spearhead other corporate iodides as partners in sponsoring motorist events organized by the management.

Above all, the company will start conducting free auto clinics annually in different parts of the country as a service to the community. The company’s brand is one that everyone in the community would love to associate with. By becoming the best partner for all automotive needs, the company will continue trading as a going concern since its regulators and the Auto-Motive Association of New York already know its operations and believe in them. Similarly, customers believe and trust in the Company will continue to see the number of clients rising since majority will refer their peers for its services.

The communities in which the company operates will develop a sense of belonging and duty of care towards enhancing their own initiatives supported by the company. In summary, MIMIC Lad’s ambition is to create an all round business that does not only care about making profit but also on how it makes these profits and channel part of the earnings towards improving the lives of the people in communities surrounding the company. The Company intends to build unending relationships with all its stakeholders.

The Company is however aware that competitors in their counter strategies may engage in other related community social responsibilities in their bid to compete for a market share for their brands. They are more likely to get involved in car clinics by staging them across the country as well as undertake road shows to market both their products and brands in different areas. The biggest threat will be when large firms decide to undertake comprehensive market coverage through advertising and general reduction of their prices as a way to regain their lost market share.

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