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Macro-environment factor In reflecting the macro environment, the economic environment is one of the identified elements that affect the micromanagement of hybrid cars. For the past years, prices of petroleum in Malaysia have risen due to inflation (thetas, 2014). Oil scarcity is one of the main external aspects that affect the rise in oil prices. High petrol prices have reduced the consumer purchasing power and spending pattern for gasoline cars since it’s more fuel consuming compared to hybrid cars. This is because hybrid cars maximize fuel efficiency compared to gasoline cars.

By purchasing hybrid cars, it offers consumer chances to reduce cost on fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency provided by hybrid cars protects businesses and individual from fluctuating oil prices and allows money to circulate through the Malaysia economy. In this case, Ionians Serene S-hybrid produces an outstanding performance that matched its effectiveness in saving fuel, thus it may be highly demanded. Micromanagement factor The micro-environmental factor that affecting the hybrid cars industry in Malaysia is competitor.

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For a company to be successful in the market place, the competitors must be recognized. In term of infrastructural developments, the hybrid industry is one of most demanding in Malaysia (The Star, 2014). In relate to the article, the market for hybrid cars is getting more competitive as many other car manufacturers are Joining the hybrid industry. For example; Toyota Pries and Honda insight. Thus, Ionians has been successful in maintaining its competitive advantage, by studying their customer needs, which is to have better fuel consumption.

As result, Ionians cited to manufacture the Ionians Serene S-hybrid. In terms of competition, Ionians has successfully capture the market and the people by producing the first Malaysia hybrid MAP. Recommendation The price of petroleum fluctuates frequently and the rise of these fluctuations has critically affected citizens around Malaysia. A way for Ionians to decrease the weight of civilians is by either decreasing the price of their products, to become more affordable items or advance higher technology that enable the vehicles to become more fuel-efficient (Response, 2014).

For instance, Ionians can also further pursue into the hybrid industry and develop vehicles that are able to cut cost on fuel or generate solely on electric or solar. By doing so, consumers are more prone to purchase Niacin’s cars as they are able to decrease cost towards fuel and still be able to make full use of their cars. On the other hand, Niacin’s biggest problem is their competitors. In order to keep up with their competitors, Ionians should always develop new, better and more creative cars that are able to surpass their competitors.

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