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Provide an example of each medium you list. Type your response here: Media Type Example Magazine New York Times TV show 60 Minutes Social Networking Backbone Campaign Ad’s Democrat election Radio EKED Telephone When 800 numbers call to advertise b. After you have listed as many media as you can, consider their purposes. Which media primarily serve to inform the public? Which primarily serve to entertain? Which to persuade? Group the media you listed above by purpose. Inform persuade Entertain c. As you were grouping the media into their functional categories, did you think of any you had not considered?

Did you find any media for which these functions (informing, persuading, and entertaining) overlap? Why might that overlap pose a problem? Consider the ways in which content suitable for one purpose might be altered to suit a different purpose. No new media sources popped into my head during the activity. Many of the functions do overlap for one given media source, this might pose a problem because then people get confused and instead of making their own educated detection on a given topic, there is also bias in trying to persuade the audience so educated decisions decrease. 2.

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Comparing Media Forms Select any two of these media to compare and contrast: television radio newspaper magazine Internet How are the two media the same, and how are they different? Consider such factors as target audience, purpose, and cost. In what instances might one medium be more effective than the other? Remember to consider the kinds of content they are suitable for, their methods of production, and their modes of delivery. Provide examples to support your answer. Internet and magazine are very similar considering they both reach Out to the same target audience: everyone.

The internet has very vast content, certain wings come into the focus of teens, while other subjects may come into the interest of older adults and games spark the interest of children. Likewise, magazines, such as cosmopolitan or vogue teens and young adults are their highest reader rate, while other magazines such as Forbes or National geographic reach and older slightly more conservative and intellectual audience. These two mediums differ in the sense that the internet is faster paced, and practically always available maneuvered, and magazines are not nearly as available to all audiences. 3. Analyzing Audience for Print Media a.

Select one newspaper or magazine and try to determine its target audience based on the types of articles you see. How does the publication’s presentation of its message make you think it is aimed toward a particular audience trait (e. G. , age, gender, education level)? Do you think it perpetuates any specific stereotypes that are shared by the target audience? Explain your reasoning for your responses. Audience Trait Target Range or Level Reasoning and Examples age 20-70 Content is heavy and images of older individuals are present race Pictures and articles all show very culturally diverse individuals gender

No bias articles toward men and women and content and images show equality also income range high Literate articles, articles assume audience is traveled and worldly education Deep topics, complicated diction political orientation Very liberal Discussion of all types of things, more support toward tree huggers culture/ ethnicity No specific ethnicity, open minded and well read Focus on all aspects of cultural and global instances, no bias. B. Select one advertisement from the publication you analyzed and consider the relationship between that ad and the rest of the publication.

What does he advertisement tell you about the publication’s audience? Does the ad challenge or confirm your ideas about the target audience? Explain your answer. The ad is a Patagonia ad which confirms my observation on the more liberal well-off and well-read audience. 4. Analyzing News Programs a. Select several news programs to watch during an evening (or morning). Describe the shows’ audiences as best you can, and consider the ways in which each news program attempts to persuade its audience. What verbal and visual tactics do they use to appeal to one’s emotions?

What emotions are most frequently evoked? How do they attempt to appeal to one’s logical mind? What reasons do they suggest for getting their audience to continue tuning in to their program? Write a summary of your findings on each program. BBC world news is presented by varied ethnic news reporters whom target educated and well ruined audiences based on the advanced diction and topics they hold. Logos is definitely a huge rhetorical appeal they use when attempting to persuade their vast audience by stating facts and heir tone also plays a large pat in how messaged are perceived. . Read this report on the use of video news releases (Vans) on TV newscasts, ND watch some of the Vans provided. What arguments does the report make about why it is a bad practice for news stations to use Vans? What is your opinion about this practice? Defend your answer. 77 television stations actively disguised the sponsored content to make it appear to be their own reporting. In almost all cases, stations failed to balance the clients’ messages with independently-gathered footage or basic journalistic research.

More than one-third of the time, stations aired the VAN in its entirety. More than three-quarters of U. S. Adults rely on local news, and more than 70 percent turn to network TV or cable news on a daily or ear-daily basis, so whatever airs on TV heavily impacts the actions of the every day consumer. 5. Analyzing Advertisements What do advertisers do, through media, to perpetuate stereotypes, persuade their target audiences, and affect cultures and lifestyles? High school students created parodies of tobacco advertisements as part of an antismog project.

Look at the original ads and the students’ parodies. How do these spoofs use appeals to your emotion and logic to comment on the persuasive powers of mainstream advertising? What specific stereotypes are present in the real ads, and how did students counteract those stereotypes in their roadies? Write a two- or three-paragraph essay reacting to the project. Each ad made by the students depicts a form of appealing to the public and disproved its effectiveness.

The titles which sound so tempting and good are remade to expose the actual effects of et cigarette, which in most cases is the word “death”. Stereotypes abound in any society. One way that people in diverse societies try to tolerate differences is to make generalizations that categorize individuals into groups. Some of these stereotypes are negative, while others are positive. All stereotypes contribute to a culture of prejudice, which is communicated in word and action to families, communities, and even young children.

Their perceptual images portray that all is good and encouraging and it will ultimate make you smile, as they did to the cigarette models in the pictures. Overall, this discernment of the lies behind cigarette commercials is truly an awful. Money thirsty lie. There students whom re enacted the propaganda for what it is, truly grasp the entirety of how lethal appeals to certain things can be. Evaluation Your teacher will use these rubrics to evaluate the completeness of your work as well as the clarity of thinking you exhibit.

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