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Convergent media are the new media which is produced after the process of media convergence. Convergent media is a device that including multiple functions and applications. The example of convergent media is computer and mobile phone. 3. 0 Explanation of the Chosen Convergent Media The convergent media that I had chosen is computer. The first generation of computers was operated by programs were specifically built for the task for which they were manufactured. The invention of the first computer since 1948 has completely changed this world into real digital revolution.

There are many fancy add- eons for computers nowadays, but the basic components of the computer are simple and universal. Generally, modern day computers operate through an interaction of hardware and software as a result of advances in technologies. Computers are important because there is only so much the human brain can do. Computer development was one of the greatest scientific achievements in the 20th century and used in various fields. In this busy world, computers help human to keep track of records, communicate with family and friends, brings Jobs into the home and electronic mailing. . 0 Impact of Computer to the society 4. 1 Technology The launch of satellites that controlled by the computer can collect data about the environment. Collected data such as wind velocity and humidity of an area will be analyzed by a computer immediately to generate precise findings about the weather forecast. In addition, satellites also can advance telecommunication system. Information in an area will be sent very quickly all over the world. This allows a sport event or contest was broadcast live to all around the world.

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Moreover, sophistication of computer technology helps disabled peoples to overcome some physical challenges and lead more productive lives by a special adaptive computer. For instances, scanners use an optical character recognition system to “read” printed trials, screen readers combined with a voice synthesizer to verbalize information on a computer screen and eye-gaze computer system help disabled to communicate with others. 4. 2 social Computers with internet connection allow people interact in a virtual world. Especially, community today likes to communicate through Backbone.

This application has facilitated the contacts with each others throughout the world. Backbone also enables people to share pictures and stories with their family members and friends. Nowadays, peoples always use Keep video call to keep contact among one another. In short, social media are a good medium to maintain relationship. Besides, the community can easily access information via the Internet. This system provides a lot of information and entertainment for the community. 4. 3 Economy Business can be conducted effectively and efficiently with the computer.

Nowadays, e-commerce business through electronic means is very popular. Almost all businesses advertise their website with an electronic mail. Online shopping is the low capital investment needed to set up shop. Various goods and services are sold and purchased via the Internet throughout the world. So, the use of computers helps expand markets into the international level. A new product or service can be promoted more efficiently and easily without involving advertisement on mass media like radio and television that costs a lot.

This will increase the competitiveness of local companies in pursuing opportunities in the field of international trade. 4. 4 politics The use of computer is increasingly widespread, especially in the private and government agencies. These organizations use computers to keep records, organize data and analyze data that related to the details of staff and administrative management. Thus, computers able to help in reducing the mistake that made by humans and help in decision making as well as it can save time and energy.

The use of computer absolutely can help in creating a structured organization. 4. 5 Education The computer plays an essential role in education. It is can be used as a teaching aid that not only able to deliver lessons in a systematic form, but accompanied with music and diagrams and graphic materials. This type of teaching technique can gain attention from students to make sure they focus on their studies. With the online earning by using computer, all instructions and lessons of studies are clearly stated. So, students can learn at anywhere by following the directions.

Furthermore, learning through computer can correct the mistake that made by the student once the fault is detected. Learning through the computer is a good way to improve the effectiveness of learning. 5. 0 Prospect of Computer in the Future Based on my imagination, I can imagine that the computer in the future will be a great electronic device. It is a miniaturized personal computer. Although this device is tiny, but it is can placed on the whole PC components. It is in the shape of a bracelet. This bracelet is light and in two types of design which suitable for both men and women.

The design for man will be in polished surface, stainless steel with decorative steel bar and closure. This bracelet will not break and have black, brown, and silver. Whereas the design of bracelet for women is also same, Just have various choices of color. The functions of this bracelet computer including virtual keyboard, handwriting data input function, WebMD, a very small projector, camera scanner and personal password function. The personal password is needed when put on and take if the bracelet. This personal gadget in bracelet enables the ultimate ubiquitous computing.

This device is using a holographic visual that help to save place. So, we can surf the Internet while running. 6. 0 Conclusion In conclusion, the world of technology seems to be changing faster and faster. The powerful advances of computer technology in the past had surprised us. Thus, the great advancement in the world of computers is likely to be completely unexpected. Therefore, I believe this formidable technology that I imagined can be truly fascinating future computer trends. So, I will master the computer skills for success in this changing world.

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