Technology in Electronic and Digital Media Assignment

Technology in Electronic and Digital Media Assignment Words: 610

The electronic devices that have a contemporary role In media throughout society would be phones that that have recording device such as cameras to record or document different things. To add to the transfer of this recorded or documented moment in time, that phone would need an internet connection” (Thomas 2010). It is because of the face that society is ever changing that today’s media is forced to change along with ever changing technology. The technological advances often seem as though they are changing every day and that is because they are.

Not only are there technological advances the older technology has become obsolete. While computers and phones seem to be the two electronics that seem to advance and change the most, televisions, radios, and even gaming devices that allow mass media to be transmitted are also ever changing. In today’s society that expects everything to be instantaneous, people have almost obsessed and completely dependent on technology. Children are also following in their parents’ footsteps and are doing less physical activities and more sedentary while focusing on those electronic devices.

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Not only does society expect to receive mass media instantaneously they also expect to send this same media to others. With digital cameras, computers, smart phones and the evolution of the internet face to face communication has almost ceased to exist. Today computers have taken the place of books, email has taken the place of paper letters, computer generated Images have taken the place of drawings, and web cams have taken the place of face to face meetings. Even without the advances in chemical and electronic technological inventions society would be looking for ways to invent and create the current technology.

The chemical and electronic technology vanes In many different areas Including transmissions, photography, and recording. The advances In photography continue every day from black and white pictures that stated in 1826 by Joseph all the way to today’s technology with mega pixels and zoom through digital images (Spears 2012). Recordings have also come a long way since 1877 Thomas Edison first Invented the first recording device that also played back the recording called a phonograph to the recording devices within the west phones and on computers (The Library of Congress 2013).

Finally the invention of the telegraph created the first of long distance communication outside of written letters or smoke signals was invented in 1844 by Samuel Morse ( January 4. 2013). The use of long distance communication has developed greatly from telegraph to phone calls and emails. The internet, hand-held devices and computers have affected print media companies by making information free and easy to find.

It is a matter of supply and demand and with news and information readily available over the Internet, through computers and hand held devices sales print media has dwindled down and is almost obsolete and this affects the sales ( 2009). Now that more and more people throughout the world have found that the ease and cost effectiveness of using the Internet, wireless communication, computers, and hand-held digital devices greatly outweighs the purchases of paper media those same people completely change their dally habits, right down to reading a morning paper with coffee at home.

By adding in the great concern of the environment 1 friendly placed upon them by society and how the use of the Internet, wireless communication, computers, and hand-held digital devices does not use actual paper, more consumers will continue to avoid paper products. By being environmentally friendly larger corporations leave less of a carbon footprint and plan for future consumers thus increasing their sales and generating more income.

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