Government Test Evaluation Criteria and Standardization Assignment

Government Test Evaluation Criteria and Standardization Assignment Words: 355

Evaluation of the implementation of the curriculum alms to measure how far the application of a national standard curriculum used to guide the development and Implementation of the curriculum In the school, so the Implementation of the curriculum can be understood, understood, applied In everyday life by learners.

The evaluation was done at each phase of the development of the curriculum In an effort o review the implementation of the curriculum at every level of education. The results of the evaluation of the Implementation of the curriculum can be used to determine education policy at the school are correct and Improve outcomes more optimal. These results of the National Examination can also be used by the principal and teachers to understand and help Improve the student’s ability, choosing teaching materials, selecting methods, and devices.

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National examination must be oaken by student in Malaysia before they can leave the school and go to high grade school. Thus, the passing grade is reflected by the yearly performance. All objective sheet will be examined by computer and all subjective will be marked by professional examiner. A council will be call to ascertain the specific marks for the grade of each subject. Example the standard mark for an ‘A’ grade is 80 and above, however should the years cohort perform badly,

The examination is prepared and examined by the Malaysian Examination Syndicate, an agency that constitute the Ministry Of Education. Students in national schools are required to take five subject, in addition to an aptitude test. Student in Chinese and Tamil national-type school are required to take two additional language subject, totaling seven subject. Multiple choice question are tested using a standard optical answer sheet that use optical mark recognition for detecting answer. The examination is held usually on September or October.

The score is calculated based on a bell curve. Bell curve is a statistic method of assigning grades designed to yield a pre-determined distribution of grades among the students in a class. The distribution of papers across all the states can be random.

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