Livestock Marketing and Evaluation Test with Answers Assignment

Livestock Marketing and Evaluation Test with Answers Assignment Words: 492

When discussing growth there are three components of a carcass that we pay attention too. Drawn the graph that shows the relationship of Adipose tissue, Muscle, and Bone. Explain how each of them Interacts with each other as animal ages and label at what point an animal hits physiological maturity. Bone only grows during the younger years of the life of an animal. Muscle will start slow than grow rapidly until it reaches maturity, at this point it will not gain any more muscle but will than begin to build adipose tissue.

Adipose tissue grows at a gradual slope and is a notational growth all throughout its life. The point of maturity is the point where muscle and adipose tissue hit the same point. 2. Explain the difference between chronological age and physiological when talking about cattle. When an animal reaches physiological maturity what is happening to the relationship between adipose tissue and lean? Physiological: The body physical age, ossification of the bones Chronological: Animal’s actual age. At maturity the body has hit its maximum amount of muscle and also the perfect amount of fat to have the right amount of marbling. Give one of two specific ways growth can be altered and cite the things It will change within the animal. Also give an example of where growth promotions is used within the livestock industry. Neutral: Genetics Artificial: used to increase muscle size or fat deposit 4. Be able to price lambs both on a live and harvested basis. The price sheet will be provided however you will have to do the necessary calculations before you start to price. (I. E. Calculated AREA) 5. Explain the three types of commodity groups that are traded and of them, which is the most lucrative.

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Also what are the four attributes of commodities we concerned with when trying to market them? 6. Why is standardization of commodities so important and how does it protect both parties involved? Give an example of standardization and explain how it impacts the livestock in which are sold under it. Of the two end in a delivery of a good? Which one protects the seller and which is less regulated? 8. Compare and contrast centralized vs.. Decentralized pricing using an agriculture commodity. 9. What four things do you need to understand to be able to effectively market livestock?

Give a brief summary of each. 10. What do contract specs deal with and who regulates them? Using the CAME group website look up a livestock commodity and give it specific specs. 1 1 . How did recent drought years across the southern-plains states impact cattle inventory? In turn how has that impacted the current cattle numbers entering the food chain? 12. What are the 3 striking features that were revealed after a graph of Agriculture commodity prices were mapped over the past 40 years? 13. Cite 3 specific examples that caused the constant decline in the sheep industry. Be sure to explain thoroughly.

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