Government scholarship Assignment

Government scholarship Assignment Words: 350

In the space provided below, or on an attached sheet, please respond to the following: 0 NH do you believe you are deserving of a government scholarship? Following completion of your course of study, what type of work do you intend to pursue upon return to the Cayman Islands? How will this proposed work be of service to the Cayman Islands?

Please detail any personal circumstances that you believe to be relevant when considering your application for an Education Council scholarship. “hat, if anything, has been done to secure other funding? I believe I believe I deserve a government scholarship because my parents are financially unstable to pay for me to attend an overseas university and by being granted a scholarship from government I will be able to do After completing my course of study ‘Early Childhood Studies’ I intend to work in the field of education by being an elementary teacher for either grade one or two in one of our local government schools.

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By becoming an Elementary Teacher’ , I would be able to educate and nourish the minds of the future generation of the Cayman Islands and hopefully inspire some to follow in the path of becoming a teacher as I think teaching is not seen as a ‘top paying” Job in the Cayman Islands. Also, I feel there is a gap in the education sector of Cayman teachers and I would gladly love to fill and help fill that gap in order to better the education standard here in Grand Cayman.

Although the grade requirement for a government scholarship in my case A-Levels is a minimum C’ grade in three subjects, I failed to achieve a minimum ‘C’ grade in one of my three subjects. However, I am going to re-sit this exam to be able to qualify for the government scholarship and be able to go overseas and further my studies for the next three years. I have applied for few private scholarships to be able to cover the remaining costs such as disposable Income.

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