Advantages of Government Funding the University Fees Assignment

Advantages of Government Funding the University Fees Assignment Words: 329

Fees for Students Who Study Subjects That Are Needed by Society ay Willingham In this 13th general election, the government and the opposition have promoted their manifesto which to fulfill the needs of citizens in Malaysia. For sure one of them is about the education system which they tend to optimism the system in detail to bring up the education level in this country to a better quality.

So, there are some advantages of government funding the university fees for students who study subjects that are needed by society outweigh the disadvantage. First of all, this will bring attraction to student who wanted to take the needed course. By doing this, there will be more specialist in particular field will be produced in this country. This can support the critical courses that have Insufficient specialist. So, the need of society can be fulfilled besides can generate more income to boost economy.

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Next, his can lessen the burden for the one in need. In result, there will be greater proportion of students who can further their study to the higher level such as degree and master. Besides that, this also can generate the new way of thinking and there Ml be more intellectuals among the future leader. However, there Is a disadvantage that can be seen in this case. The less relevant courses will be abandoned such as ‘tertiary and designing course.

To overcome this problem, the government has to import foreign specialist in this abandoned courses which need high cost to hire them. For Instance, in zoo management they will need vet to keep the animals In healthy condition. So, they have to hire foreign vet which Is very costly than local vet. In conclusion, the government should aware the consequences when giving free fund for students who want to pursue their studies In major courses that are relevant to the society such as engineering and medical.

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