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Women are busy; we are moms, professionals, care takers and homemakers. We want to look beautiful all day long while ongoing daily tasks; this is the reason for Committals. Marshall Cosmetics, established in 2000 by Donna Marshall, is an all-natural cosmetics company which continues to grow and introduce new beauty products, making its way to becoming the leader in its field. We do not do any animal testing of our products. 2. Strategic Focus and Plan This portion of the marketing plan focuses on the strategic planning of Committals.

Mission Statement: To provide women with the opportunity to look and stay beautiful all day naturally. Vision: To continue to meet the needs of our customers with providing high quality cosmetics at an affordable price. Goals: Growth of the business by 5% a year from sales of Committals. To obtain profit from sales of Committals within 5 years. To sell Committals at an affordable price while using high quality ingredients. Target a younger market of women ages 18-25 years Old.

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Competitive Advantage: One competitive advantage that Committals has over other products like it is that our packaging s simple allowing us to keep costs down, therefore being able to price it low. We do not use any fancy gimmicks or artwork, just simple packaging. A second competitive edge is that Committals is made of natural ingredients that do not clog pores. It also contains Vitamin C which is has anti – aging benefits (Outdoor, 2012). 3. Situational Analysis The SOOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis provides an overview of the internal and external environments which Marshall Cosmetics is operating.

SOOT ANALYSIS: SOOT Marshall Cosmetics Amiability Cosmetics http://www. Amiability. Com Reveal Cosmetics http://www. Reveal. Com Strengths Strong research and development All natural product Products sold in drugstores Economically priced Offer a wide variety of products Strong market penetration Well known company Wide range of products Present in many countries Weaknesses Expensive marketing and advertising costs High product start- up costs High advertising costs Resistance for vivid makeup in rural areas.

Average profit margins Low spending on advertising and marketing Low R&D spending Opportunities Expansion into other product lines Target a younger market Expansion into other countries Low prices State of the art research centers part of the L’Oreal Group Low prices due to low cost of production More classic color lines The retreats Competition from other leading cosmetic brands Intense competition Wide range Of substitute products Wide range of substitute products Competitor Analysis: The cosmetic industry is very competitive. An analysis of two of our biggest competitors, show the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Amiability Cosmetics, one of the leading cosmetics companies in the world, offers a wide variety of products. Amiability has a state of the art research center, for product development, using know how from L’Oreal Group, the company that owns them. Some weaknesses and threats of Amiability are average profit margin ins, high advertising and marketing costs, assistance for vivid cosmetics in rural areas and a wide range of substitute products. (www. Amiability. Com) Reveal is another of our largest competitors, with many of their products sold in drug stores and discount stores.

Reveal is a well-known company, with high quality products that are also sold on line. They too, have a state of the art research center. Revolves cosmetic colors are more on the classic side, compared to the more vibrant colors of Amiability. Some of the weaknesses of Reveal are less product variety, high prices and a high cost of production. Threats are a wide range of bustiest products and intense competition with major players in the cosmetic industry. (www. Reveal. Com) Company Analysis: Marshall Cosmetics is a company that started in 2000 by Donna Marshall.

With extensive marketing, business and cosmetic experience, was able to successfully start up a small cosmetic company. New product lines are introduced often and Committals is a brand new product created after research conducted resulted in the demand for a new primer that was inexpensive and not sold in high end department stores. Since our cosmetics are both, we at Marshall Cosmetics took this as a great opportunity to create this new product. Customer Analysis: The customers of Marshall Cosmetics and the Committals product are women between the ages of 25-55 years old, with the largest group being between the ages of 35-44 years of age.

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